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Neighborhood tours

Neighborhood tours

Our most recommended Rimini Neighborhood tours

Riccione: Oltremare Park Entrance Ticket

1. Riccione: Oltremare Park Entrance Ticket

Enjoy access to the Oltremare Park, a sprawling nature park dedicated to the landscape of the Adriatic and beyond across eons. Divided into 4 elements, enjoy 4 themed areas that reflect the stunning biodiversity of the region. In the Air area, gaze at majestic eagles, vultures, hawks, owls, and many other species of birds of prey in elaborately designed aviaries. In the Water area, catch Dolphin Lagoon, the largest dolphin enclosure in Europe, where you can watch stunning choreographed shows performed by the dolphins. Check out the Earth area’s “Darwin, the Rainforest,” a journey 65 million years into the past to discover the landscape of the cretaceous period, and the Fire area’s “Planet Earth,” a multi-sensory journey through the formation of our planet. If you’re traveling with children, don’t miss out on the Energy area, an exciting playground made of suspension bridges, high altitude paths, and a river by which to travel by boat.

Rimini: Italy in Miniature Entry Ticket

2. Rimini: Italy in Miniature Entry Ticket

Visit Italy in Miniature, the "smallest" park in Italy. Opened in 1970 the park offers a mix of educational, mechanical, and thematic attractions. In addition to discovering over 250 miniatures, visit a pavilion dedicated to the laws of physics, try driving small cars at the interactive driving school, watch a live show, and navigate the scale reproduction waters of the Venice Grand Canal. Select the light lunch option to conclude your visit with some food at the Osteria Italia. Enjoy a Piadina Romagnola (a round flatbread) with a drink and a cup of fresh fruits.

Rimini: San Valentino Vineyards Tour with DOC Wine Tastings

3. Rimini: San Valentino Vineyards Tour with DOC Wine Tastings

This tour is a real journey to discover San Valentino Vineyards, we will accompany you among our vineyards, illustrating the different varieties of grapes that become the essence of our wines, from Sangiovese, to Syrah, from Cabernet Franc to Rebola, we will tell you the story of our territory, which boasts ancient origins, from the Etruscans to the Romans, from the Middle Ages to the present day. Passing through our olive trees, we will venture into the barrel cellar to breathe in the smell of the aging reds and explain our winemaking techniques to you. 3 Type of Wine are: Scabi Rebola Doc, Scabi Sangiovese Superiore Doc Bio, Conte di Covignano Sangiovese Riserva Doc Bio

Rimini: Guided Walking Tour of the Historic City Center

4. Rimini: Guided Walking Tour of the Historic City Center

Join a guided walking tour of Rimini's old town and learn about the city's ancient origins. Visit monuments and churches dating back to different Ages, like the Bridge of Tiberius from Roman times, the medieval Galliana Gate, and more. Follow your guide as you wander down narrow streets lined with ancient buildings and visit important monuments along the way. Start in Roman times, with the Arch of Augustus, which marks the main entrance to the old center of Rimini. Pass by the Surgeon’s Domus, an important archeological complex, and see the Ponte di Tiberio, a 5-arch bridge that stands as a testament to the technical skills of the Romans. From here, head to the Galliana Gate, which connects the city to the port area and once formed part of Rimini's defensive wall. As you continue, marvel at Malatestiano Temple and Castel Sismondo, both great examples of the city's Renaissance architecture. Next, make your way to Piazza Cavour where you'll see the renovated Teatro Amintore Galli and the iconic Cinema Fulgor. The ornate Art Nouveau movie theater is dedicated to the famous director Federico Fellini, who was born in Rimini. End your tour with a stroll through the San Giuliano district and admire the colorful murals that depict scenes from Fellini's most famous works as well as portraits of the director and his wife. 

Emilia-Romagna: Euroterme Resort thermal pool Ticket

5. Emilia-Romagna: Euroterme Resort thermal pool Ticket

Please check the available options to select the best wellness experience for you at Ròseo Hotel Euroterme. Surrounded by greenery, a few steps from the historic center of Bagno di Romagna Terme, is the Ròseo Hotel Euroterme. This modern four-star hotel stands out for the variety of services offered and its thermal baths. Spend 2 hours into the thermal water of Bagno di Romagna, which flows naturally from the springs to the indoor/outdoor thermal pools. The pools are classified as "hyperthermal alkaline bicarbonate sulphurous," which is known for leaving the skin velvety soft. Step into the thermal water of Bagno di Romagna, which flows naturally from the springs to the indoor/outdoor thermal pools. The pools are classified as "hyperthermal alkaline bicarbonate sulphurous," which is known for leaving the skin velvety soft.

Rimini: Fellini Museum Entry Ticket

6. Rimini: Fellini Museum Entry Ticket

Get an entry ticket to the Fellini Museum in Rimini and see the exhibitions dedicated to the famous director's visionary spirit and films, spread across 3 important sights in Rimini, Malatesta Square, Cinema Fulgor, and Sismondo Castle. Start your immersive experience at Castel Sismondo, the most emotional part of your journey through the life and work of Federico Fellini. Wander through the castle rooms and dive into Fellini's films. Step into the Trevi Fountain scene in La Dolce Vita with actress Anita Ekberg, look out over the sea from the pier in I Vitelloni, and more. Next, make your way to Piazza Malatesta, which makes up the outdoor portion of the Fellini Museum. Take in this grand space and admire the circular bench, the water veil, and the Bosco dei nomi, all of which work together in a manner reminiscent of the rural scenes in Fellini's film Amarcord. Finally, end your experience at Cinema Fulgor, the place where Fellini fell in love with movies as a young man. View original posters and playbills of Fellini's works and visit the Room of Words, where the director's voice guides you through a dreamlike world. 

Rimini: Dining Experience at a Local's Home

7. Rimini: Dining Experience at a Local's Home

Immerse yourself in a private dining experience at a local's home, enjoy exclusive cooking and taste authentic recipes treasured in family cookbooks passed down by real Italian Mammas. Feel the warmth of Italian hospitality as you connect with local people. Enjoy a 4-course menu including starter, pasta, a main course with a side dish, dessert with drinks included (water, selection of red and white wines from regional cellars, and coffee).

Rimini: Aperitivo and Street Food Walking Tour

8. Rimini: Aperitivo and Street Food Walking Tour

Together with a guide, discover the different ways of relishing the Italian aperitivo, all accompanied by high-quality snacks. During the tour, you will taste the local street food paired with wine/cocktail/beer: Cocktails: try excellent cocktails whose main components are the spirits that made Italy's history directly from the hands of trained mixologists. The cocktails will take you on a journey as you discover how the Italian culture in beverages has influenced nearly every region of Italy, including Romagna. Wine: Italy is the homeland of wine, and all-around Rimini several famous vineyards have their premises and production sites. Relish the local wine, the Sangiovese! Beer: how could one have a night out and not drink some beer? Obviously we'll have some together with solo great snacks. Cutting board with cold cuts and other high-quality snacks: at one of the stops, paired with the glass of wine, you'll enjoy some lovely charcuterie in a typical Rimini bar. Piadina - the queen of the Riviera Romagnola, it is called in many ways, Piadina, Cassone or Cascione, how is it called in Rimini? You'll find out once with us! Pizza - How can one participate in a Street Food Tour in Italy and not taste a lovely slice of Italian pizza? Obviously, that is compulsory! At the end of the tour, you can also enjoy a lovely gelato to end the experience!

Rimini Art Card: PART, Fellini, City Museums Entry Ticket

9. Rimini Art Card: PART, Fellini, City Museums Entry Ticket

Explore the best of Rimini with the Rimini Art Card. Visit the City Museum, Domus del Chirurgo Archaeological Site, the PART Museum, and the Fellini Museum with one convenient city pass. Explore the Domus del Chirurgo (Surgeon's House) which covers an area of more than 700 square meters. See the remains of a 2nd-century residential block on the northern edge of what was the Roman city of Ariminum, facing the Adriatic coast. Afterward, visit the City Museum of Rimini, home to galleries featuring artworks dating from the 15th to the 20th century. Walk through the archeological section and discover findings from the most important archeological sites in Rimini, the Amphitheater and the Domus del Chirurgo. Visit PART, the museum of modern and contemporary art, located in the medieval buildings of Arengo and Podestà in the historic center. Admire works from the Collezione Fondazione San Patrignano. Discover an eclectic and varied collection of artworks from the 20th and the present century. Finally, learn about the famed film director Federico Fellini, at the Fellini Museum. Explore the 16 rooms of the former Renaissance castle which houses films, documentaries, interviews, screenplay, scripts, costumes, props, drawings and other memorabilia associated with life of the master director.

Rimini: Piadina Experience Museum Entry Ticket

10. Rimini: Piadina Experience Museum Entry Ticket

The tour will be a real journey into the world of Piadina, from the Neolithic to the present day. A captivating, technological, interactive and original journey! We will discover the origins of Piadina, we will tell the story of its extraordinary success. We will remember the domestic dimension of Piadina and the peasant traditions, We will relive the evolution of Piadina, symbol of Romagna, loved all over the world! A tribute to the "national bread of the Romagnoli" as Giovanni Pascoli wrote ... An act of love towards every recipe, from every grandmother, from every village in Romagna… We will get excited by reviewing the great successes of the Champions in the "Piadina and Motors" section: a special corner in which we will celebrate the two-wheeled champions and the great passion of the people of Romagna for speed, adrenaline, the desire for infinity... The surprise tasting of our Piadina will come to tease you during the Piadina Experience journey! We will dream in the Sala della Magia, like in a film by Maestro Fellini... where the wheat and the other elements will dance together to tell us about the alchemy that is renewed every time a Piadina is born, like real magic! Walking on the Panoramic Tunnel we will witness the production process. It will be interesting to follow the stages of production: from the dough, to resting in the Spa delle Piadine, to cooking at different temperatures... discovering the secrets of technology at the service of tradition and quality. On date 1st May the tour starts ad 10:30

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