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Washington DC: Buffet Lunch or Dinner Cruise on the Spirit

1. Washington DC: Buffet Lunch or Dinner Cruise on the Spirit

See the sights of Washington DC from onboard the Spirit of Washington with a lunch or dinner cruise on the Potomac River. Enjoy a buffet dining experience as you sail, and delight in panoramic views. Board your vessel and receive a personal greeting. Have your photo taken by the ship's photographer to capture the memory before being seated at your private table. Once there, gorge on your lunch or dinner buffet consisting of creative entrees prepared fresh daily and listen to the onboard music. After your meal, visit any of the three climate-controlled decks as you glide by the sights. LUNCH/DINNER BUFFET SAMPLE MENU SALADS FIELD GREEN SALAD (G*)(VG)Tomatoes | Cucumbers | Carrots | Ranch Dressing | Balsamic Dressing KALE QUINOA SALAD (G*)(VG)(V)Quinoa | Roasted Red Pepper | Spinach | Lemon Oregano Vinaigrette GREEN GODDESS PASTA SALAD (V)Sweet Peas | White Beans | Scallions MAIN HONEY SESAME CHICKEN (G*)Scallions | Fresno Chillies OVEN ROASTED WHITEFISH (G*)Spicy Tomato | White Bean Ragu BAKED ZITI PASTA (V)Aged Reggiano Parmesan Cheese | Mozzarella Cheese | Spinach Cream Sauce ROOT VEGETABLE FRICASSEE (G*)(VG)(V)Idaho Potatoes | Broccoli | Grape Tomatoes | Gremolata | Cauliflower Coconut Cream Sauce COMPLEMENTSROASTED BROCCOLI (G*)(VG)(V)Toasted Garlic | Chili Flakes GARLIC MASHED POTATOES (G*)(V)Idaho Potatoes | Roasted Garlic DESSERTSIGNATURE DESSERT STATION (V)Cakes | Brownies | Seasonal Fruit | *May Contain Nuts *Menus subject to change

From Washington DC: Mount Vernon & Old Town Alexandria Tour

2. From Washington DC: Mount Vernon & Old Town Alexandria Tour

Discover the historic Old Town Alexandria on a guided day trip from Washington. Ride along the Potomac River and visit the Mount Vernon Estate, the former residence of George Washington. Enjoy pickup in a luxurious, climate-controlled vehicle while your guide explains the significance of some of the city’s most recognizable monuments. A short drive brings you to the candy-colored architecture of Alexandria, where you can take a tour of some monuments notable to the former president – including the Masonic Temple and Christ Church. Arguably the birthplace of the city itself, George Washington’s former estate is located just 13 miles from the capital’s center. Then, go for an in-depth foray through the mansion, with entrance tickets to the grounds and gardens included. Interactive, historic reenactments bring the founding father’s story to life, while a guided tour of the building helps shine a light on his fascinating story. Next, you'll ride along the Potomac River and visit the Mount Vernon Estate - one of the Washington, DC, area’s premier sightseeing attractions. Explore historic Mount Vernon – from the mansion’s interior where President Washington resided to his beloved gardens, and final resting place.  Take some time for lunch at the Mt Vernon Food Court if you like, then learn more about George Washington’s life and legacy in both the Museum and Education Center – home to more than 700 original objects (including his false teeth) and 25 theaters and galleries. There is even a multi-media theater where it actually snows. After shopping for unique gifts at the Mt Vernon Shops, you will be entertained by your guide as you return back to Washington DC.

Mount Vernon: George Washington's Estate with Audio Guide

3. Mount Vernon: George Washington's Estate with Audio Guide

Embark on a tour of George Washington’s estate with the aid of an audio guide. Explore the grounds and learn about the life and legacy of America’s first president. Wander the estate’s four gardens and admire the landscape that Washington designed. Learn about the lives of the enslaved community at Mount Vernon. Look inside the outbuildings to see where they made tools, spun textiles, and processed food. Meet heritage-breed farm animals, including sheep, hogs, and oxen. See costumed interpreters demonstrate farming techniques (from April to October), and step inside George Washington’s treading barn. See the final resting place of George and Martha Washington, where wreath-layings are held daily, and visit the slave memorial that commemorates the enslaved people who lived and worked at Mount Vernon. Watch the American Revolution come to life in a 4D theater where it snows every day. Test your leadership skills in the interactive experience that puts you in Washington’s boots during a moment of crisis. Admire artifacts on display including the chair that George Washington used throughout his presidency, portraits of the Washington family, and objects discovered through archaeological research. Visit George Washington’s Distillery and Gristmill (only on weekends from April - October) to see where grains from Washington’s farms were ground to create flour and cornmeal, and where Washington’s whiskey is still made today.

Washington, DC: Mt. Vernon Day Trip with Ferry and Breakfast

4. Washington, DC: Mt. Vernon Day Trip with Ferry and Breakfast

Arrive at the wharf where you’ll meet your expert guide, ready to take you on the ferry. You’ll be the first to board, giving you access to the best seats in the house before your guide introduces you to the area and the sights you’re about to see. Even your river cruise to Mount Vernon offers plentiful opportunities for sightseeing. Along the way, you'll pass by the moving Titanic Memorial, historic Fort Washington, and lots of picturesque restaurants and marinas dotting the waterfront. After a relaxing hour and a half spent soaking up these iconic sights from the water, you’ll arrive at the Mount Vernon ready to continue your exploration. For the most comprehensive tour of the estate and grounds possible, you’ll be in the expert company of a Mount Vernon guide. According to George Washington himself, “no estate is more pleasantly seated than Mount Vernon” and we couldn’t agree more! Your first stop will be the estate’s farm, where Mount Vernon produced food, textiles and more. This was only possible because Mount Vernon, like most of the country’s estates during the time, was run by enslaved persons. You’ll gain an insight into their life on the farm, seeing where they lived, slept, ate, and the forms of resistance they took against the estate owners. Next, you’ll get your first view of Mount Vernon's stately mansion. Get an up-close view of areas like the blacksmith’s shop, the overseer's quarters and the greenhouse (which Washington built himself!). Admire the family portraits adorning the walls, explore George Washington’s private study, and lay your eyes on the bed where he died. Continuing your tour outside, discover the story behind the "haha wall" and the fruit garden where Washington experimented with various produce. Despite reserving a crypt for him in Washington DC, George Washington told Congress he wished instead to be laid to rest at Mount Vernon. See the Old Tomb where he and Martha were buried until 1831 when the new tomb was built. Their final resting place makes for a thoughtful conclusion to your visit. By the end of your tour, you’ll make your way back to the ferry to enjoy the scenic cruise back to the nation's capital. A picnic lunch will be available on the boat for purchase or your guide can provide recommendations on where to eat back in DC. By the end of the tour, you'll have incredible insight into America’s most prolific founding father and be better able to reflect on the man behind the legend.

Alexandria: Full-Day Bike Tour to Mt Vernon w/ Optional Boat

5. Alexandria: Full-Day Bike Tour to Mt Vernon w/ Optional Boat

Beginning in Alexandria VA, enjoy a full-day bike ride to and from Mount Vernon on the banks of the Potomac River, or rest your legs on the return journey and travel by boat to the Wharf in Washington DC. Meet in Old Town Alexandria to pick -up your bike, helmet and map. Then, cycle along the wooded and well-marked Mount Vernon Trail to George Washington’s historic Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens. Spend the day self-exploring the grounds with the aid of an audio tour. See Washington’s gardens, outbuildings, and the working historic farm. Visit the final resting place of George and Martha Washington. Learn about the lives of those who were enslaved at Mount Vernon. Watch the American Revolution come to life in the 4-D theater. If you wish to visit the Mansion interior, which has mostly been restored to the appearance at the time of George and Martha Washington's occupancy, you will need to purchase an additional timed ticket for $2 (link to be found on the voucher). Enter Washington’s study and feel a part of history! Bring your own food or grab a bite at the Food Court located on the grounds which offers many options for breakfast, lunch, and snacks on the go, including: salads, deli sandwiches, hamburgers, and fresh-baked cookies. Then, bike back to Alexandria, or opt to cruise down the Potomac River by boat to the Wharf, Washington DC. Relax on the narrated cruise as you glide to Washington DC. Just lock your bike outside the estate for the local operator to pick up.

Alexandria: Phantoms of the Potomac Walking Tour

6. Alexandria: Phantoms of the Potomac Walking Tour

Take a journey through historic Alexandria’s most spine-chilling haunted locations on this walking tour by US Ghost Adventures. Listen to tales of betrayal, murder, and magic as you wind through the shadowy streets of Old Town. Upgrade to an extended tour for even more ghost stories. Meet your guide at the meeting point, then set off on your ghostly walk, armed with a lantern. As you go, hear chilling, first-hand accounts of paranormal activity dating as far back as the 1800s. You might even capture your own evidence. Stand at the gates of the harrowing Carlyle House, where an ancient Scottish tradition has been warding off evil spirits for the last 100 years. Investigate a 19th-century murder in the Wilkes Tunnel, and gather clues about the mysterious dead stranger hanging around Gadsby’s Tavern. At the Schafer House, follow young lovers from their first meeting to their tragic deaths and beyond. Wander the same paths as George Washington, mingle with the ghosts of Revolutionary and Civil War soldiers, and gain insight into the darker side of American history. At the end of the tour, circle back to the meeting point with plenty of spooky tales to entertain friends and family. This isn’t your average tour of Old Town Alexandria: are you brave enough to step into the shadows?

Alexandria: Ghosts Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl

7. Alexandria: Ghosts Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl

Take a sip of liquid courage and delve into the dark shadows of this historic American city. You’ll meet your seasoned US Ghost Adventures guide outside Gadsby’s Tavern, where a mysterious “female stranger” lingers after being abandoned by her husband. From there you’ll wind through this historic streets of Old Town, visiting seven other haunted sites, including three additional bars. Unlock the Scottish secret that protects the Carlyle House from evil. Find out why the ghost of the Athenaeum will never let a British person purchase it. Test your paranormal investigation skills at the Christmas Attic, and keep an eye out for George Washington and his white horse. You’ll head home with a pleasant buzz, a few dozen creepy secrets to tell your friends, and maybe even a new favorite drink.

Washington DC: US Capitol Bus Tour with Archives Access

8. Washington DC: US Capitol Bus Tour with Archives Access

Explore the best of Washington, DC on this guided tour, including a reserved entrance to the U.S. Capitol Building and the National Archives Building. After an in-depth tour of the U.S. Capitol Building, you'll continue through the city to discover some of DC's most famous landmarks and attractions. Discover the major points of interest with a knowledgeable guide who will share the stories behind each site. Seasonal variations in the itinerary offer unique experiences. In the summer months, relax with a complimentary boat cruise along the beautiful Potomac River and Georgetown Waterfront after lunch, with the option to purchase a meal at one of the many waterfront restaurants. In contrast, the winter season features an afternoon scenic bus tour through Virginia, showcasing the Pentagon, Air Force Memorial, Iwo Jima Marine Corps Memorial, and Arlington National Cemetery. To finish up, get a fascinating look at the interior of the National Archives.

Savannah: Self-Guided Walking Tours Bundle

9. Savannah: Self-Guided Walking Tours Bundle

Start by downloading the Action Tour Guide app, which will function as your personal tour guide, audio tour, and map all in one. Note: This 8+ mile-long tour covers the essentials of Savannah in 2-3 hours. Once downloaded, your Historic Savannah tour begins at the Savannah Visitor Center. Your first stop is the Ships of the Sea museum, dedicated to how maritime trade shaped the city. Next, you’ll arrive at the riverfront and walk the cobbled streets as you dig into the city’s history. You’ll pause at Factor’s Walk, once a huge export hub for cotton. Then, admire the Olde Pink House, dating back to 1771. The next stop is even older: Johnson Square, established 1734! After that is a market with a long history, followed by the oldest art museum in the South. The Owens-Thomas House, up next, demonstrates Savannah’s striking historic architecture. That’s followed by the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low, who founded the Girl Scouts! Next up is a jaw-dropping Greek Revival structure, then a historic park best known as a filming location for Forrest Gump! Savannah Theatre is your next stop, where performances have been held since 1818! Then, see Savannah’s first Roman Catholic church. Madison Square follows, where you’ll revisit a battle that unfolded in 1779. Then there’s the sprawling Sorrel Weed House, perfect for a photo op, followed by the childhood home of author Flannery O’Connor! Learn the dark history of Calhoun Square next before pausing for a picnic in the city’s oldest, lushest park. Then see the site of an infamous murder immortalized in the novel Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Your tour concludes at the Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum. Your ghost tour of Savannah begins at Reynolds Square. It also leads to the Olde Pink House, the site of mysterious orb sightings. Next, you’ll visit the site of the Pulaski Hotel, supposedly haunted by a 19th century child. Then there’s the former City Hotel, so haunted it has appeared on TV more than once! On the riverfront, you’ll find the Shrimp Factory, where employees report hair-raising events after hours. Next is the Hampton-Lillibridge House, which hides a history of mysterious accidents. Beyond that is the Marshall House, where century-old human remains were uncovered during renovations. Wright Square is next, where tragic executions have left behind a lingering presence. After that is Colonial Park Cemetery, home to thousands of unmarked graves. Then, stop by Battlefield Park, site of a major clash during the Revolutionary War. Finally, you’ll arrive at the Roundhouse Railroad Museum, site of numerous eerie sightings after dark. Your tour concludes here.

Alexandria: A Walk in Washington's Footsteps History Tour

10. Alexandria: A Walk in Washington's Footsteps History Tour

At 17 years old, George Washington fell in love with Alexandria. He ate, slept, danced, and worshipped in the small town, and eventually chose it as the site of the nation’s new capital. Join a seasoned Junket guide for a unique tour of Old Town Alexandria — the way Washington saw it. You’ll meet at Market Square, where the future president sold items from Mount Vernon and drilled soldiers during the French and Indian War. From there, you’ll wind through 13 other significant locations, unlocking a new story at each one. Visit the tavern where Washington threw an extravagant going away party before leaving to become president (there were 114 bottles of wine). Learn about 18th century medicine at a former apothecary, and snap photos of the president’s rebuilt townhome. By the time you reach the old Torpedo Factory Art Center, you’ll see both George Washington and the town he loved in an entirely new light. Get to know the nation’s first president in a way no history book can accomplish. Book a tour today!

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I enjoyed this lunch cruise. DJ was great! He played a diverse playlist that kept everyone entertained. The food was good-not 5 star or gourmet but not bad at all. What made it even better was the that all of staff were so nice! You can tell they thoroughly enjoy the work they do and they like people because they were definitely spreading joy! Keep up the great work! You’re appreciated!

This was a lovely tour. The guide, Terri, was extremely knowledgeable and gave us even more than we expected. The driver was excellent and we felt very safe. The Alexandria portion of the tour was delightful and much better than expected. All in all, a very good day!

We had a blast! I took my fiancé on board the dinner cruise for his birthday. They thought it was our anniversary haha but no matter! The food was delicious, the staff were incredibly accommodating and we enjoyed dancing with them all! Super worthwhile!

Booked this tour as a last minute tour since it was our last day in DC. Tour did not disappoint! Tour guide was awesome and very knowledgeable!

I rather wanted to have real soul food than broccoli or green pasta you need to fix the menus