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Extreme Sports & Adrenaline

Our most recommended Bavaria Extreme Sports & Adrenaline

Tandem Paraglider Flight & Tandem Paragliding at Chiemsee

1. Tandem Paraglider Flight & Tandem Paragliding at Chiemsee

Take part in a tandem paraglider flight at the edge of the Alps between Munich and Salzburg. A total of 8 flying spots are suited for long thermal flights throughout the year in spring and summer, as well as for special Alpine paraglider tours in autumn and winter. All pilots have a long experience of flying, with well over 1000 flights, and use only the latest equipment. Flights with children or groups, e.g. company events, are also available with this offer. The selected mountains and flying spots are at Bad Tölz, Tegernsee, Lenggries im Isartal (Isar valley), Samerberg bei Rosenheim, Hochfelln am Chiemsee, as well as the Kampenwand and Kössen in Tirol. Take off and enjoy the power of thermals or simply feel the wind in your face! Realize the dream of flight together with a tandem partner and gaze over the landscape from a bird's eye perspective.

Lenggries: Tandem Paragliding Flight

2. Lenggries: Tandem Paragliding Flight

Take flight over the Isar Valley in a Tandem Paraglider with a state-certified tandem pilot. Ride the cable car up to the summit of Brauneck, review your landing protocol, and take flight. Soar over the Isar valley, with its beautiful landscapes and view of the Bavarian Foothills. Enjoy a meet and greet with your guide before taking the cable car up to the top station of Brauneck. After a short walk, arrive at your take off point and feel extra confident by reviewing landing procedures and the basics of the paragliding flight. Then, with just a few quick steps, take flight. Glide with comfort and discover the 360-degree view of the foothills of the Bavarian Alps. Speak with your pilot as your soar and learn about the landscape below. Land near the cable car and receive your SD-card with videos and pictures from your adventure.

Munich: Bodyflying Wind Tunnel Experience

3. Munich: Bodyflying Wind Tunnel Experience

The moment you step through the door you will feel a warm hospitality and attentiveness of the flying team. To start your experience, attend a short briefing and instruction class to ensure you get the most out of your flight. After the briefing you will receive a flight suit, helmet, earplugs, and goggles, so you can gear up and get ready. Now it’s time to fly! Your instructor will lead you into the flight chamber and assist you while entering, flying, and exiting. Enjoy an instructor air show once you and your party have finished flying. After the flight, your crew will give you a diploma which confirms your first flight, and at the end of your tour, you will be given the option to purchase your photos and video footage to remember your flight.

Bavaria: Beginner Canyoning Tour

4. Bavaria: Beginner Canyoning Tour

Discover canyons in a completely new way and learn to rappel and slide in the beautiful region of Bavaria. Take it slow at first and master steep and rocky waterfalls later once you've gained some confidence. Take in stunning views of Saalachsee and the pure nature all around. Meet your guide and feel confident as you adorn professional canyoning equipment and state-of-the-art abseiling equipment. Learn the basic maneuvers and start with canyoning trails that are perfect for beginners. Slide and rappel down eloquent waterfalls and immerse yourself in the calm and wonderful surrounding nature. Leave ideally prepared for a more demanding tour next time, and full of pride from an exhilarating adventure.

Bodyflying: Indoor Skydiving Experience for 2 People

5. Bodyflying: Indoor Skydiving Experience for 2 People

Experience bodyflying in a state-of-the-art, energy-efficient indoor skydiving facility with a friend. The completely round, glassed-in 15-meter-tall flight chamber is the venue for this one-of-a-kind experience. Inside the chamber a turbulence-free stream of air reaches speeds of up to 285 km/h. This provides the ideal training conditions for all free-fall disciplines including parachuting, formation and free flight. Receive training and constant support from a team of experienced flight instructors. No prior knowledge is required for this 2-minute flight in the wind tunnel.

Munich: Bodyflying for 1 Person

6. Munich: Bodyflying for 1 Person

Receive training from professional flight instructors on the art of bodyflying. Then, when you're ready enter the flight chamber for your 2-minute flight. The Jochen Schweizer Arena has a state-of-the-art, energy-efficient indoor skydiving facility. Within the chamber a turbulence-free stream of air reaches speeds of up to 285 km/h. This provides the ideal training conditions for all free-fall disciplines in parachuting (formation & freefly).  During your flight, you receive constant support from the experienced flight instructors. No prior knowledge is required for a flight in the wind tunnel.

Munich: House Running in Schwabing

7. Munich: House Running in Schwabing

Get a taste of adrenaline in Munich by house running on a 50-meter high roof edge. Take in the view of the Alps and Schwabing, before heading, face down, on the facade of the building. Register for your run at the main counter, then grab your gear and take the lift to the top of the Rilano 24/7 Hotel. Once on the roof, hear the music pumping and witness the sight of the Alps for a brief moment. Then, get your edge and tip over the roof. Experience the wackiest walk of your life as you abseil down the side of the building, face first. Feel the thrill as you watch the ground come closer and you scale the impossible. It's definitely nice to know you're attached to a special construct, made specifically for your safety.

Ampfing: Lake Tegernsee From Above Airplane Tour

8. Ampfing: Lake Tegernsee From Above Airplane Tour

Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the mountains, lakes, and rivers of Bavaria on an exclusive roundtrip flight from Ampfing to Lake Tegernsee. Listen to informative commentary from your pilot as you discover Bavaria from a unique perspective. Meet your pilot at the airfield in Ampfing. Listen to an important safety briefing and get detailed information about your flight. Take your seat on the right-hand side of the aircraft. Buckle up and feel the thrill of taking off in light aircraft that offers exceptional views. Make your way south to view Gstad on Lake Chiemsee. Admire views of the Frauenchiemsee and Herrenchiemsee lakes before heading on to Prien. Continue to Bad Feilnbach to the beautiful Schliersee lake. Finally, reach the stunning Lake Tegernsee. Your pilot will point out the town of Tegernsee with its famous brewery, Bräustüberl. View the charming town of Rottach Egern with its well-known skiing area and Mount Wallberg. Pass over Bad Wiessee lake and the village of Marienstein. Admire the town of Bad Tölz, which first became famous throughout Germany for its Alpamare adventure pool and later for "Den Bullen von Tölz," a famous German television series. Look at the town of Blomberg and its summer toboggan run. Soar over the Holzkirchen church and Rott am Inn municipality to the town of Wasserburg. Land at the airfield in Ampfing at the end of your flight.

Munich: Bungee Jumping

9. Munich: Bungee Jumping

Go for the Gold in Munich by bungee jumping at an Olympic regatta course from 1972. Jump headfirst from the 50-meter crane and bungee toward the turquoise waters. Feel the thrill as you ascend and descend over and over until the jump is finished. Arrive at the first-ever bungee facility in Germany and register for your jump. Once it's all done, dawn your equipment: a bungee belt and ankle cuffs to attach the rope. Now, get ready for the thrill to begin. Enter the gondola, and feel the anticipation build as you rise slowly 50-meters into the air. Then, jump. The only way to know what happens next is to experience it for yourself.

Chiemsee: Bavaria, Seon Monastery Private Scenic Tour

10. Chiemsee: Bavaria, Seon Monastery Private Scenic Tour

Get an unforgettable bird's eye view of Bavaria on this private flying experience. Learn to be a pro at flying a plane from your knowledgeable pilot as you glide effortlessly through the clouds. Marvel at the breathtaking views of Chiemsee and Wasserburg. Feel on cloud 9 as you get ready to embark on this flying trip. Take off from Ampfing with your experienced pilot and fly high in the sky. Feel the adrenaline rush through your body as you enjoy the ride of your life. Fly south to Seon-Seebruck, where you will see the Seon Monastery from the air. Next, travel through the clouds and head to the Chieming via Seebruck.  Glide over the Chiemsee, see the islands of Frauenchiemsee, Herreninsel, and the Herrenchiemsee Palace.  Finally, enjoy a short tour of Prien before heading back to Ampfing. Admire views of Wasserburg on route back. 

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pilot deserve 10 stars, very cooperative and gentleman. he did the trip with passion not as a business, light and easy takeoff and landing. safety in this trip was at the most. i would highly recommend it to anyone love flying. don’t forget your phone or camera☺️

It was so much fun! Our first time doing this… the venue is really nice lots to do there. We will definitely go again. The instructor was very good very helpful, overall good fun!!

Booked appointment has been canceled due to power failure. I was offered a new appointment and everything went really well. There was a lot of fun !

Super great, Shari is also a great "flight instructor". always my pleasure

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