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Split: Walking tour of Split with a 'Magister' of History

1. Split: Walking tour of Split with a 'Magister' of History

On this walking tour of Split, you’ll be paired with a local historian. Your tour guide has a Master’s degree in history – and that means they’ll be able to not only answer your questions, but also pepper your tour with all sorts of interesting facts. These tours aren’t just a fun way to experience the city, they’re also an educational experience! Our tours begin in the oldest parts of Split, gradually making your way through time and into the present. That means you’ll begin in Split’s Roman history, then move on to Medieval and Venetian history, and finally, you’ll step fully into the present and get a look at what modern Split is all about. The seventeenth century Roman made Diocletian’s Palace is synonymous with Split’s Old Town – and that’s where your tour will be centered! Over time, the Palace became the very center of the city co Split, which means it marks the cities direct center. You’ll get an introduction to the tour at the Riva Promenade, and then be led through the Bronze Gate of the palace. This allows you to access the Basement Halls, where the tour will briefly pause to answer any questions. From there, you’ll be able to look at the phenomenally preserved Roman-made Peristyle square; this is where you can find the Mausolem of Diocletian, The Temple of Jupiter, and the Vestibule. But the square is only the beginning. Your guide will lead you on a journey through the remains of the private residence of Diocletian and the old medieval houses that have been preserved through the years, and then out through the Golden Gate so you can explore the remnants of Split's rich Venetian and medieval heritage. A truly iconic statue of Bishop Gregory of Nin is visible along the North Wall of the palace, and can be seen on your way to the Piazza Square. One of the most interesting aspects of this tour are the 3D reconstructions of the various sites, which your tour guide will use to truly bring the past to life.

The best of Split walking tour

2. The best of Split walking tour

The best walking tour around Split is 2 hours program by local guide, who is passion about native town. You will know the most exciting of it. Why black Sphynx is here? What was Diocletians the most favorite hobby? What does the inside of Palace hide? Why did Romans build the secret tunnel to the center of the city? You will be charmed by antique atmosphere of old Split. We will stroll down the antique historical streets getting suddenly in Roman times. Then we are in Venetian history and then in modern life of Croatia. The mix of rushing times comes together with interesting legends and histories told by guide. Do not miss the essentials.

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We thoroughly enjoyed this tour with a most informative guide, Toni. His background as a history teacher, combined with his own 3D visualisations, allows Toni to bring the history to life. We recommend this tour if you want to understand all of the history of the Roman Emperor Diocletian's palace and the later construction. His explanation of the use made of the cellar was interesting, but we won’t spoil the surprise. He unpicked the layers of history as we explored the palace, the maze of streets and the development through the centuries. This tour is well worth the money and highly recommended.

Toni was an excellent tour guide. His knowledge of the area and enthusiasm for Split’s history made the tour very enjoyable. Would definitely recommend it.