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Rome: Appian Way Sunset E-Bike Tour w/ Catacombs & Aperitif

1. Rome: Appian Way Sunset E-Bike Tour w/ Catacombs & Aperitif

Cycle through the countryside of Rome and enjoy its most well preserved landscape as the sun sets over the hills. Our bike depot near the Circus Maximum is the best place to reach the Appian Way and the countryside of Rome since its the closest point to get there without having to cycle through the city traffic. From the start of your tour you will be cycling through bike lanes and country paths, with the exception of one short section on open road with traffic. Take a guided tour with a priest from the best preserved of Romes catacombs, the Catacombs of St. Callisto (unless closed in which case we visit St. Sebastian) after just a few minutes of starting. They will take you underground to visit the site where the Christians of the first 3 centuries after Christs death met and prayed together, digging out a maze of tunnels and chambers where they buried their dead in christian doctrine. Continue to the first section of the Appian Way and see the original paving stones, huge blocks of rock cut from the ground and used to pave the Roman Empires most important road. Cycling across these blocks and along the dirt paths and trails towards the Park of the Aqueducts approximately 5 kilometers away. Cycle through this beauty of Rome as the sun sets and casts a golden color over the huge blocks of stone that were used to build the ancient worlds most extensive system of water supply: The Park of the Aqueducts. Marvel at the engineering of the ancient Romans as the sun sets over the countryside, making it all more speculator. Cycle alongside these huge structures as we make our way back towards the start, passing by the Cafarella Valley. Stop for a drink at an exclusive location nestled alongside ancient tombs in the Appia Antica Park in the Cafarella Valley before we reach our starting point and finish your experience back at the Circus Maximus.

Appian Way Picnic eBike Tour to Catacombs and Aqueducts

2. Appian Way Picnic eBike Tour to Catacombs and Aqueducts

Take it easy on this ebike tour of the Appian Way with a stop for a picnic lunch of pasta, salad and wine at a natural spring. Plenty of time for photos and to see the Aqueducts. From our bike depot near the Circus Maximus metro, ideal to start your Appian Way Bike Tour since it avoids having to cycle through the city, you will be provided an electric assist bicycle. There is a choice of modern geared bicycles with different levels of assistance to allow you to climb the hills and complete the route in ease. Here you will be explained how to use the bicycles and provided with a helmet as well as a safety introduction. Once on your way, you will leave the city walls of Ancient Rome from the Gate of St. Sebastian and arrive at our first stop, The Catacombs of St. Callisto. This site is one of the best preserved places of ancient christian worship since it was buried underground. Just a quick stop for a bathroom or water before we continue to our next stop, The Appian Way and Capo di Bove. At this stop you will hear about how Romes expansion began with the construction of this road and the following centuries leading up to the Caetani Family in the medieval period building their fortress along the road. Here you will also witness firsthand the original stones laid by the Romans 2300 years ago, cycling along trails and paths flanked by Cypress and Pine trees. Following the road running south, we continue to cycle towards the park of the Aqueducts immersed in nature. The Park of the Aqueducts is one of the most impressive sites outside of Rome. Imagine seeing an endless row of arches streaking across the landscape, reaching a height of 35 meters in places, all the while hearing from your guide about the significance of these feats of engineering. After approximately half an hour exploring the aqueducts and stopping for a photo where the water still pours out the renaissance aqueduct Felix, we will start our return journey to Rome. Following the aqueduct Felix for a portion of our return journey brings us to the Tor Fiscal park, a smaller part of the bigger Appia Antica Regional park but just as charming with remains of the Aqueduct Claudio still visible. Lunch break: next there's a short section on roads open to traffic until we reach the natural spring where we stop for a picnic style lunch out in the open. Food will be provided at tables, sitting outdoors under the shade of trees. Enjoy some wine and freshly made pasta with salad before its time to head back to the start. Some alternatives are available for gluten free diets.

Rome: Catacombs of St. Callixtus Entry Ticket & Guided Tour

3. Rome: Catacombs of St. Callixtus Entry Ticket & Guided Tour

Discover one of the largest underground burial sites in Rome with an entry ticket to the Catacombs of St. Callixtus. Explore the complex on a guided tour and learn about the martyrs, popes, and Christians buried here. Meet your guide and set out to explore the oldest official cemetery of Rome's Christian community. Hear where the complex gets its name and learn about its expansive size. Visit the Crypt of the Popes, where 9 popes and 3 bishops were laid to rest. Then, head to the adjoining room to see the Crypt of St. Cecilia, a Roman matron remembered for ensuring that many martyrs received a proper burial. Marvel at some of the oldest frescoes to decorate the walls in Rome's catacombs and visit Area I, where the cubicles of the sacraments are located. Leave your underground tour with a deeper understanding of Rome's early Christian communities and their burial traditions. 

Rome: Catacombs and Appian Way Guided Tour by Golf Cart

4. Rome: Catacombs and Appian Way Guided Tour by Golf Cart

See the highlights of Rome without breaking a sweat as you zip around the city in a golf cart on a private tour. Marvel at Trajan's Column, Piazza Venezia, and many more of Rome's top attractions. Meet your guide on one of the city's quieter side streets and get ready to discover Rome's most iconic sights. You'll also be provided with a headset to make sure you can hear your guide the whole time. Stop at important landmarks, including Trajan's Column, Piazza Bocca della Verità, Circus Maximus, Piazza Venezia, Circus of Maxentius, the Colosseum, and more. Spend between 5 and 10 minutes at each of these sites and learn about each location from your guide. Then, go underground to see Rome's ancient catacombs and crypts. Discover this immense underground cemetery and learn about its origin and decline. Your tour ends back in the quiet side road where it began.

Rome: Appian Way Self-Guided E-Bike Tour & Catacombs Entry

5. Rome: Appian Way Self-Guided E-Bike Tour & Catacombs Entry

Take a different way to visit the Catacombs outside of Rome. Using an ebike to explore the countryside, you can follow the route on our app choosing from our list of interesting places to visit such as the Aqueducts and arriving there on your own. This is also a great way to explore the area since you can find many of the sites on our route and choose which ones you want to visit. If you are not so physical or if you don't have more time, you can cut the route short by turning back or heading to the nearest turn back point. Otherwise use the route to help you reach the Park of the Aqueducts, which is the furthermost point of interest on our Self Guided Tour to the Catacombs. En-route you can choose many sites, but the main objective and first site en-route is the Catacombs of St. Callisto. An immense labyrinth of underground passageways and tombs dug by the first "christians" who followed Jesus message. With your ticket which will be provided on the day, you will be taken underground by a member of the Catacombs together with many other people who reach the catacombs. Once you have finished the guided tour of the catacombs, you can decide to continue with the itinerary and follow the app to the next point or even turn around and go back to the start. There are many options and it is flexibile, so you can choose. Maximum Time available: 5 hours. If you have any trouble or need help during yoru Self Guided Tour to the Catacombs, we are available and will come to your aid. Just send a message or call us via the telephone number provided at the start.

Rome: Appian Way Golf Cart Charter with Driver

6. Rome: Appian Way Golf Cart Charter with Driver

Discover the Appian Way Regional park on a golf cart! Duration: You can rent the golf cart for 2, 3, 4 hours. Please note: the golf cart can follow few routes inside the Park but is not possible to ride on the longest cobblestones stretches Description: you will rent the golf cart with our driver. You have to reserve at least for 2 hours in any case. More details: It is not possible to carry wheelchair on the golf cart, the passenger will be accompanied by the you can leave it in our tourist information office. You can not hire our golf cart on your own, but just with the driver.

Rome: Catacombs and Appian Way Guided Walking Tour & Ticket

7. Rome: Catacombs and Appian Way Guided Walking Tour & Ticket

Stop At: Catacombs of Saint Callixtus The Christian catacombs are extremely important for the art history of Early Christian art, as they contain the great majority of examples from before about 400 AD, in fresco and sculpture, as well as gold glass medallions (these, like most bodies, have been removed). Duration: 1 hour Stop At: Via Appia Antica, Via Appia, Rome Italy The Appian Way is one of the earliest and strategically most important Roman roads of the ancient republic. It connected Rome to Brindisi, in southeast Italy. Its importance is indicated by its common name, recorded by Statius.

Rome Appia Antica, Caffarella Valley & Aqueducts e-Bike Tour

8. Rome Appia Antica, Caffarella Valley & Aqueducts e-Bike Tour

Appia Antica Way in the section between the curch of the "Domine Quo Vadis?" up to the Aqueducts Park If you already did the classical sightseeing of the city and want more, you're on the right track. The huge protected area of the Regional Park of the Appian Way opens its gates to welcome you with all its 4500 hectares. The local guide will show you how easy it will be to ride an ebike and give you an introduction of the area before starting off the guided tour. Just 2 km away from Circus Maximus there's a green lug crowded with churches, catacombs, tombs and remains of the Roman Empire flanking the famous Regina Viarum, the Queen of all roads as the roman poet Statius mentioned in his work "Silvae". Once conceived to fulfill military purposes and then used by traders, pilgrims, intellectuals and travelers from all over the world, the Appian Way still preserves all its natural and archaeological beauty. Starting from via Appia Antica number 60 at EcoBike, you'll go past the Domine Quo Vadis Church, where, according to legend, the Apostle S. Peter, fleeing from the persecution of Nerone against Christians had the miraculous encounter with Jesus, that, while disappearing, left his footprints on the pavement. Then, you can stop off at the catacombs of Saint Sebastian or Saint Callixtus and, on your way back you can decide if to visit one of the two independently by paying on site € 10 each one with the tour. Next landmark? The private circus of the emperor Maxentius, the best roman circus preserved all over the world. Enter for free into the complex consisting of the circus, the villa and the mausoleum of his son Valerio Romolo. The film Ben-Hur directed by William Wyler and with Charlton Heston was shot here, in particular the scene of the chariot race. On the same side, uphill, on a lava plateau dating back to more than 260000 year ago, stands the Tomb of Cecilia Metella that with its giant body which seems to dominate all of the Park, the local guide will narrate to you the history of this noblewoman whose we have little information except for her family. The strategic point where the tomb was constructed was later on used as a fortress during the Middle Ages by several families, among them the name of Caetani sticks out. They took advantage of the position to control all of the area and build an actual self-sufficient village with a private fence so that passers-by had to pay a duty to transit there. A unique archaeological itinerary encompassing the highlights of the Regina Viarum, starting from the “Domine Quo Vadis” Church up to the Quintili Nymphaeum to proceed into the stunning Aqueducts Park. A bike ride among sepulchers, thermal baths, aristocratic villas up to the real jam of the Roman engineering.

Rome: Catacombs Guided Tour with Entry Ticket and Transfer

9. Rome: Catacombs Guided Tour with Entry Ticket and Transfer

Embark on an enchanting journey along the “Queen of Roads” of the Roman Empire, the ancient Appian Way with a guided tour of the Catacombs of Saint Sebastian. Enjoy a roundtrip bus transfer past the Catacombs of St. Callixtus and Domitilla, and the ruins of the Caracalla Baths with an audio guide. Hop on a bus and head to the catacombs, following a panoramic route. Discover the fascinating 3rd-century Catacombs of Saint Sebastian on a guided tour. Wander through the impressive underground tunnels below the city streets. Discover a burial ground for Rome's early Christian community. Get access to a digital audio guide to explore the city at your own pace. Hear about Rome’s past still clearly visible among the ruins that overlook the roadside. After the tour, head back to the bus departure point and keep exploring the hidden gems along the way or return to the starting point.

The dark side of Rome: St Sebastiano and Callisto Catacombs

10. The dark side of Rome: St Sebastiano and Callisto Catacombs

Meet your guide and start the 50-minute drive outside of Rome to the tombs underneath Civitavecchia. Visit the Catacombs of San Sebastiano, the oldest Christian cemetery in Rome. Walk through the miles of underground passageways that make up this sacred site. Stand in the cavernous underground chambers where early Christians congregated. Hear about the burial practices of early Christians, and see religious symbols carved into the walls. Next, visit the Catacombs of San Callisto, the largest and most significant early Christian burial site in Rome. Travel back in time to the 2nd century and see the resting place of 10 martyrs, 16 popes, and hundreds of early Christians who died for their faith. Learn about the persecution of Christianity under the Romans as you walk through the underground labyrinth. Contemplate the faith of early believers in Christianity as you make your way through this somber resting place. Afterward, relax in the beautiful garden outside before returning to the port of Civitavecchia.

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My wife, daughter and I all absolutely loved our e-bike tour with Glenn and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Not having ridden e-bikes before, after a few simple instructions from Glenn we were off and, in only a short while, we were riding through the countryside heading towards the Appian Way. The riding was a lot of fun and the surroundings were awesome. The Park of Aqueducts in particular was absolutely spectacular. It really was the perfect day and our favourite day of our trip and all thanks to Glenn who is both great company and highly knowledgeable.

This is a great opportunity to see suburban Rome and get a good view of real life in the city. the guide we got was very knowledgeable, friendly and flexible. Bikes were in good condition and adequate for the road. My only point of caution is that riders should be fairly skilled to navigate the road traffic and Appia way terrain, riders without experience riding in open vehicle traffic should steer clear.

Everything was great. Meeting point easy to find, punctuality and our guide Sara was great too. He organized everything and gave us good information about the places…the e-bikes were very good too. I recommend. ;)

This experience was a really good quality, family friendly tour that thought me a lot and was really fun! Our tour guide was also really kind, I would say that this is definitely worth your time and money!

Wonderful experience! Such a lovely way to get experience Rome - a break from the museums and city hustle.