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Belfast: Political Conflict 3-Hour Walking Tour

1. Belfast: Political Conflict 3-Hour Walking Tour

Venture beyond the guidebooks and explore Belfast through the political conflict known as The Troubles. Walk the streets on both sides of the Peace Line with men and women who were intimately involved as combatants in the period known as The Troubles.  Hear stories from both the Republican and Loyalist communities about the effects of the conflict, and get explanations about the political murals that tell the history and culture of the area from a unique perspective. Start by meeting a Republican ex-political prisoner for a guided walk along the infamous Falls Road. See visible signs of the community's desire to be part of an Irish Republic.  Then, pass through the electronically-controlled gates to the predominately Protestant area of Shankill Road, where you will meet with either a Loyalist ex-political prisoner or an ex-member of the security forces who is from the area. Investigate the determination of the locals who wish to remain part of the United Kingdom. For more than 30 years, The Troubles have had a powerful impact on the city and its residents. Very few people were unaffected by the violence, and everyone has a tale to tell. Investigate the real stories beyond the history books with first-hand accounts from those intimately involved.  Explore the world’s largest, outdoor art gallery as you examine the many murals, and get the opportunity to sign the Peace Wall and leave your thoughts alongside those of Bill Clinton and the Dalai Lama.

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This is a tour of two parts - the first half from a Catholic man, ex IRA, the second from a unionist - ex military Protestant. Goodness me - to hear the hurt and fear and bitterness between the two - remembering just the wrongs of the other side - it is hard to believe that there will be resolution and lasting peace. I can't recommend this tour highly enough - I can't imagine how you could want to hear just one perspective - first we believed totally the first guide - only to have our belief stood on its head by the second. Hats off to the Irish tourist board who have organised the joining of two disparate sides to give the tours. Our first guide handed us over at the wall that divides the two sides. If only these two men could do each other's tours and hear and see and believe that they have the very same hurt and the very same experience as each other. This made our trip to Belfast

Outstanding. Jack and Mark were captivating guides, sharing truly incredible perspectives and experiences. Brilliant value for money and a must do if visiting Belfast to begin to appreciate its history - and the issues still impacting communities today.

A fantastic way to gain an understanding of what has shaped Belfast's history. Having two different guides giving the two opposing perspectives was illuminating. Thoroughly recommend this tour to anyone planning to visit Belfast.

A really informative, eye opening and thought-provoking tour. Bring an umbrella and go to the toilet before it starts!

Really enjoyed the views put forward by both guides.