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I started the USHER HISTORIC WALKS in late 2012 as something enjoyable to do as I move into old age. With the passage of the years my love, knowledge and appreciation of the City of Edinburgh, the Capital City of Scotland, has waxed ever greater. What better way of spending my retirement than sharing my knowledge of what I have always regarded as "My City", with Visitors from all over the world? None as far as I am concerned. No other Edinburgh Tour Activity can remotely match my Walks in three aspects: Credibility, Authenticity and Enjoyability! Some might match my Walks in Enjoyability only, but certainly not in the other two aspects. If for example you enjoy hunting for ghosts and vampires to the exclusion of Authenticity, Credibility and everything else, my Walk is not for you; although you are just as likely to see a ghost on one of my Walks as you are on a "ghost walk", of which Edinburgh has plenty! I have yet to see a ghost in Edinburgh, or anywhere else for that matter! My Walks have Credibility and Authenticity for the following reasons 1 Walkers will be getting information about Edinburgh from someone whose family has been associated with Edinburgh in particular and Scotland in general for centuries. 2 A manifestation of this is that my Walks commence outside USHER HALL, a magnificent edifice in the Edinburgh City Centre. This Hall was gifted to the City by my family in the late 1800,s. See www.usherhall.co.uk 3 I have spent most of my life in the City and surrounding areas 4 I stick to the facts about the many interesting places we visit; no exaggerations, vampires, ghosts and the like! 5 I have a fair knowledge of the History, Architecture and Cultural Heritage of Edinburgh which I share with Walkers in an interactive, personable and often humorous manner! 6 I restrict the number of Walkers to TEN only per Walk. This ensures that no one is "left out" and makes the Walks more intimate and personal. I believe that the EEW's is the only Activity in Edinburgh where the numbers are restricted. Here is a short video of one of my Walks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjQSZlgMWO8 I also offer the "PRIVATE EXPERT GUIDE" excursions for longer excursions around Scotland in general. The same criteria applies to them as applies to the EDINBURGH ENLIGHTENMENT WALKS as listed above. Naturally I do not know as much about the rest of Scotland as I do about Edinburgh. However I know a fair bit about it ranging from its topography and lochs to when and where many of the old battles between first, the Celts and the Angles and later between the Scots and the English, were fought, amongst a lot else. I can assure potential clients that they will find these excursions to be very interesting and thoroughly enjoyable at one and the same time.... for much the same reasons as with the EDINBURGH ENLIGHTENMENT WALKS around Edinburgh. Yours truly Stuart Usher.

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