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Fresh Cooking Spain is all about the authentic recipes and traditional food within the Spanish culture. These recipes have been passed through generation to generation. Fresh Cooking Spain is a cooking workshop where you can learn and enjoy the Mediterranean food and their culture. There is more to cooking than just being a chef, you need to know your local area and have passion to find local and fresh produce from the market. Learning how to prepare and cook your chosen food with others that share the same passion. Adding a glass of wine with your meal always helps, to in rich the flavours! We hope for good weather so we can sit outside in the terrace, with breathtaking views of the Giralda, Church of El Salvador and the Plaza de España towers. The most important aspect for the company is that you will learn every step, you will learn to cook independently, and if you make a mistake you will have to learn how to fix it, which will enhance you results and will give you a positive result. Once gained these skills you will be able to cook fresh Spanish food. In Fresh Cooking Spain you will have your own workplace, and work area which includes stools and stoves, for you to maintain. This is not a conventional class, where you need to watch us and takes notes, this is all about you! To be able to cook by yourself, getting your hands dirty to achieve the maximum result, and to feel like you have achieved the best you can do. Fun and enjoyment is essential and we want you to take the recipes you have learnt with us home. The recipes from the Spanish cuisine are yours to show people, taking the recipes where ever you go!

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