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Glen Canyon Dam Overlook, Page

Glen Canyon Dam Overlook, Page: Our most recommended tours and activities

From Las Vegas: Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend Tour

1. From Las Vegas: Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend Tour

Leave bustling Las Vegas and head out on a scenic drive into Navajo territory on a van tour. Explore this striking landscape with the help of a local Navajo guide, learning about the area's rich and long history. See iconic natural landmarks like Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon. Begin your tour with a stop for breakfast in St. George, Utah—home to the oldest continuously operating Mormon temple in the world. After breakfast, approach the mighty Colorado River for a visit to Horseshoe Bend. Note where the river flows and meanders around the rocks creating a distinctive horseshoe-shaped loop beloved by visitors and photographers from around the world. Next, travel to where “the water runs through the rocks” as per the local Navajo folklore. Explore Antelope Canyon and visit the spectacular dunes created by the wind, water, and sand. With your local Navajo guide, discover the beauty of the canyon up close. Admire the beauty of the sun which creates shafts of light that shine through the slits in the canyon walls. After a break for lunch, continue to the Glenn Canyon viewpoint for one last look at this spectacular area. Finally, hop back on the bus to return to Las Vegas in the evening.

Horseshoe Bend: In-App Walking and Driving Audio Tour

2. Horseshoe Bend: In-App Walking and Driving Audio Tour

Start by downloading the Action Tour Guide app, which will function as your personal tour guide, audio tour, and map. Purchase one tour per car, not per person. Everyone listens together! Note: This 0.2+mile-long tour covers the essentials of Horseshoe Bend in 1-2 hours Get to know the sheer beauty and grandeur of Horseshoe Bend canyon at your own pace with your friends or family. Tune in to your in-app audio tour to learn about the history of this magical location as you walk along. Later, embark on a self-guided driving tour of Page and learn all about this fascinating town. Begin your journey in the parking area for Horseshoe Bend. From there, all you need to do is follow the quarter-mile path toward the canyon itself. Along the way, hear about the early days of the mighty Colorado River, when it was little more than a meandering river on a floodplain. As you walk, you’ll find out how that floodplain transformed into the soaring plateau known today. Pick up insights into the area’s human history as well, like how it passed from the Navajo to the hands of the US Government. Finally, arrive at Horseshoe Bend itself, where multiple viewing platforms offer jaw-dropping views of this unique landmark. Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures. Your tour of Horseshoe Bend concludes here. Also included with your tour is a driving tour of Page, the town where Horseshoe Bend is located. This tour begins at the Glen Canyon Dam Overlook, where you can get phenomenal views of the dam which was the reason for the town’s existence. From there, head north to a collection of breathtaking trails full of great desert vistas. Then it’s on to the dam itself, where you’ll have the opportunity to get out of your car and actually walk over the immense structure. Head then to Wahweap Overlook, offering a stunning look across Lake Powell. Your tour concludes here.

Vegas: Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Lees Ferry w/Shuttle

3. Vegas: Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Lees Ferry w/Shuttle

Visit Lower Antelope Canyon, one of the most picturesque landscapes/canyons on Earth, Horseshoe Bend, Lees Ferry, Historic Navajo Bridge, and Lake Powell with all entry ticket fees included on a full-day round-trip tour from selected hotels in Las Vegas. While heading to Lower Antelope Canyon, located in Page AZ, enjoy some scenic views, and beautiful landscapes, and listen to the history of the surrounding areas from your tour guide. Arrive and explore the extraordinary rocks of Lower Antelope Canyon, following alongside a local Navajo guide into the canyon, explore this spectacular area, find out more about its formation, and learn about aspects of Navajo culture. Be sure to take some fantastic photographs to help remember your visit to this truly unique geological area. Drive to Horseshoe Bend and watch the dark green waters move around the red rock walls in a 280-degree curve. Next, stop at the wondrous Historic Navajo Bridge, then grab some photos at the rock formation "under the umbrella", before arriving at Lees Ferry for a stop beside a full spectral view of the Colorado River, from the bottom of the canyon, surrounded by gorgeous rock formations. Return to Page and stop at Lake Powell's Wahweap Overlook and capture photos of panoramic views above the mirror-like water. Sit back and relax on the 5-hour drive back to Las Vegas.

Antelope Canyon: Private Rattlesnake Canyon Tour

4. Antelope Canyon: Private Rattlesnake Canyon Tour

Discover the lesser-known, but just as stunning, Rattlesnake slot canyon. Experience the calming effects of the wave-like walls and the power of the flowing Colorado River with your private tour group. Meet your guide and depart for Rattlesnake Canyon. Reach the canyon and hear how its colors change from summer to winter. See with your own eyes the warmth of summer in its shades of yellow, red, and orange or the coolness of winter with blue, purple, and pink. Listen to your guide as they tell you about the canyon and check out its sandstone walls, textured and carved by water. Take the opportunity to snap unique and abstract photos without crowds around. Afterward, head to the Glen Canyon Dam Overlook to look down upon the mighty Colorado River at the bottom of Glen Canyon. Enjoy the scenery as you walk back to the vehicle at the entrance of the canyon to conclude your tour.

Las Vegas: Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend Private Tour

5. Las Vegas: Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend Private Tour

Discover two landmarks of spectacular natural beauty, the Lower Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend, on a private day tour from Las Vegas. Admire these two natural wonders of the Navajo Nation, with plenty of photo stops to admire the wonderful scenery. Start with pickup from your hotel on the Las Vegas Strip and travel to St. George, where you can purchase some lunch. Arrive at the Lower Antelope Canyon, where you will take a guided walking tour with a local Navajo guide. Descend five flights of stairs (35 meters) into the largest cavern of the Canyon. Begin the majestic ascent through the kaleidoscope of colors naturally provided by the unique creation of Navajo sandstone, as a result of rain, wind, and erosion. After that, travel to Page, Arizona for an hour stop at Horseshoe Bend. Witness the spectacular views at this incised meander of the Colorado River from the overlook. Afterward, enjoy a photo stop at Glen Canyon Dam, the second highest concrete-arch dam in the United States, before relaxing on your journey back to Vegas.

Horseshoe Bend and Page Arizona: Self-Guided Audio Tour

6. Horseshoe Bend and Page Arizona: Self-Guided Audio Tour

Welcome to Shaka Guide's audio tour app, where we bring you the best travel experiences around the world. Today, we invite you to explore the awe-inspiring wonders of Horseshoe Bend and the charming town of Page, Arizona. First, let's start with Horseshoe Bend. Located just a short distance from Page, Horseshoe Bend is a natural marvel that will leave you speechless. As you approach the rim, you'll witness a breathtaking panoramic view that will surely take your breath away. The Colorado River meanders through the landscape, carving out a stunning horseshoe-shaped curve in the red rock cliffs below. The contrast between the deep blue waters and the vibrant red rocks creates a scene straight out of a postcard. With the Shaka Guide app as your companion, you'll learn fascinating facts and historical anecdotes about Horseshoe Bend. Discover how millions of years of geological forces have shaped this unique formation, and gain insight into the indigenous cultures that have revered this place for centuries. Next, let's venture into the charming town of Page. Known as the gateway to incredible natural wonders, Page offers a delightful mix of small-town charm and outdoor adventure. As you explore the town, the Shaka Guide app will guide you to local gems, such as quaint cafes and authentic southwestern restaurants, where you can savor delicious meals and immerse yourself in the local culture. Additionally, the app will direct you to Antelope Canyon, a photographer's paradise. This slot canyon is famous for its stunning light beams that dance on the sandstone walls, creating a surreal and magical atmosphere. Let the Shaka Guide app lead you through the canyon, providing insights into its formation and the Navajo culture that considers it a sacred place. Some things you'll experience on the tour: • Hike to Horseshoe Bend • Discover the beauty of Lake Powell on a boat tour. • Take a tour of the impressive Glen Canyon Dam, one of the largest dams in the United States. • Go Rafting on the Colorado River. • Learn about the rich Native American heritage of the area by visiting cultural centers. • Experience the Page Rim Trail. • Dive into the history and geology of the area at the John Wesley Powell Museum. • Take a drive along the scenic highways surrounding Page. In conclusion, the Shaka Guide app will enhance your experience of Horseshoe Bend and Page, Arizona, by providing informative and engaging audio commentary. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, history buff, or simply seeking adventure, this app will ensure you make the most of your journey, discovering the hidden treasures and stories that make this destination truly unforgettable. So grab your phone, and get ready to embark on a remarkable exploration of Horseshoe Bend and Page.

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It was a long trip from Las Vegas but totally worth it! Denny the tourguide was very funny and gave a lot of information along the way, there were plenty of stops, and Horseshoe bend and Antelope canyon were incredibly beautiful! Highly recommended! Just 1 small thing: we went from our hotel (Treasure Island) to the meeting point (Luxor hotel) early in the morning with an uber. When we arrived there, it turned out that we first went to pick up people at....yes: Treasure island. I thought that was a shame because now we had to get up very early and I lost 30 dollars on the uber. But again, it's a beautiful drive and well worth it!

Irene was excellent! The trip was long but Irene made it fun and informative. She gave me tips that allowed me to bring home beautiful pictures to cherish forever.

Excellent professionally managed tour. Both Mike and Tom were very responsible and always ready to help out with anything.

Antelope canyon is breathtakingly beautiful, surreal. Never want to miss.

One of the best Trip with the best tour guide in Town- Irene!!