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Göcek: 12 Islands Boat Trip

1. Göcek: 12 Islands Boat Trip

Drive to Göcek Gulf by bus in the morning and take in the stunning views of the mountains, pine forests, and seascapes on the way. Arrive at the harbor in Göcek where you will board a boat and begin your day of cruising around the surrounding islands. First, visit Yassıca Island for swimming break as well as looking out for the wild rabbits which hop around the area.  Next, make a stop at Tersane Island, the biggest island in the region with an important history that dates back to the Ottoman Empire. Continue on to Bedri Rahmi bay where you can try to spot the big fish picture on a rock.  Head back to the boat and continue your cruise. Enjoy a lunch of fried chicken / Fish / Meatballs ( Optional ) , salad, and pasta served on board. Keep your eyes peeled for dolphins, flying fish, and other local wildlife as you sail. During the trip, you will have free time to swim, sunbathe, and see colorful fishes as you explore the underwater world with a snorkel. Stop at 3 more bays in the afternoon before returning to Sarigerme town. 

Gocek: Yacht Trip and 12 Island Full-Day Tour with Lunch

2. Gocek: Yacht Trip and 12 Island Full-Day Tour with Lunch

Lunch is included in the price of the 12 island tour, which lasts for 8 hours. Fish or chicken, salad, fried potatoes, yoghurt appetizers are served for lunch. Tea service at certain times of the day, fruit is given on the way back to Gocek. There is a boat bar where you can supply your hot and cold drinks, snacks such as chips and biscuits throughout the day. After Gocek, there are 5 islands namely Gocek Island, Yassıca Islands, Zeytin Island, Tersane Island and Pig Island. The island of Yassica consists of a few small islands with a small pond. Traveling between the bays and islands of Gocek, you will not miss the rock tombs of the Lycian period. Gobun Bay is 8.4 km away from the center of Gocek and is a quiet bay during the days when daily tour boats leave. In this bay, there are also a mooring place, a restaurant, a historical place and a breakwater. The largest of the islands in the Gulf is Tersane Island and the ruins of the ancient Greek settlement are seen on this island.There are also remains of a shipyard and watchtower. There is also a restaurant here. In the Cleopatra Hammam, which was filled with boats in the summer, there are remains of a Byzantine monastery, some of which were under water. There are no facilities on the seven islands called Yassica islands or Yassicalar. Yassıca islands are preferred by families with children because of the sandy beach and the natural pool which are in the extension of the island. In the Yassicalarda, it is possible to catch the moonlight. Gocek Island, which is 10 minutes away from Gocek, is the most important choice for those who do not want to go on boat tours since it is the closest beach to Gocek center. The boats departing from Gocek coastal band carry passengers to this island from morning hours until evening. The island has a facility to meet your needs such as food, wc, shower. It is possible to camp for hours in the bay and rest under the trees that make shade.

Gocek: Private Yacht Rental

3. Gocek: Private Yacht Rental

Imagine yourself sailing through the crystal-clear waters of Gocek Bay, with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. You're surrounded by stunning scenery, including lush green mountains, picturesque villages, and secluded coves. This is what a private yacht rental in Gocek has to offer. Gocek Bay is a natural wonder, home to 12 islands and over 20 coves. The water is so clear that you can see the fish swimming beneath you. The coastline is dotted with charming villages, where you can find authentic Turkish cuisine and friendly locals. A private yacht rental is the perfect way to explore Gocek Bay at your own pace. You can choose to visit all the popular spots, or you can find your own hidden gems. You can also customize your itinerary to include activities such as swimming, sunbathing, fishing, snorkeling, and diving. Our daily tours starting at 10.00 p.m. and end at 6.00 p.m. Take 8 hours and you will see 3 different beautiful bays during your trip.

Blue Cruise Fethiye Marmaris

4. Blue Cruise Fethiye Marmaris

Day 1: After 17 pm, meeting at our Fethiye office and boarding the yacht after the formalities are completed. Meeting with the staff and other passengers, dinner and overnight at Fethiye marina (1st night). Day 2: After breakfast, after taking the exit from the port authority, we will depart from Fethiye port. We will go to Yassıcalar for lunch and swimming. We will go to Ağa port for a swimming break, 5 o'clock tea, dinner and overnight stay (2nd night). Day 3: After a long journey of 3-4 hours by anchoring before sunrise, we arrive at Ekincik Bay. After breakfast, they pay the price themselves and join the Caonus - Dalyan and Mud Bath tour in the labyrinthine Dalyan stream, which can be reached by the small boats there. Passengers staying on board can swim, catch fish or take a trip to the land (3rd night). Day 4: After breakfast, after a 2-hour journey, we will arrive around Marmaris. Lunch and swimming break will be given in Kadırga bay. After 5 tea and swimming break in Kumlubuk, we will go to Cennet Island for dinner and overnight stay (4th night). Day 5: After breakfast, we will enter Marmaris harbor. In addition, our passengers who take a one-way 4-day tour from Fethiye to Marmaris disembark from the yacht here, while other passengers are free until 15 in the afternoon. There is no lunch during this time. They can stroll and shop in Marmaris. Again, our passengers who will go one way from Marmaris to Fethiye get on the yacht from here until 15 o'clock. In the meantime, the missing provisions and supplies of the yacht are completed. And after all the procedures are completed, we leave Marmaris marina and arrive at Ekincik Bay. Swimming break, dinner and overnight stay are done in Ekincik (5th night). Day 6: Before the sun rises early in the morning, we will take anchor from Ekincik and arrive at Domuz Island in the 12 islands region of Göcek. After breakfast and swimming break, we will go to the Cleopatra bath bay. Here, after lunch, sightseeing and swimming break, we will go to the famous painter Bedri Rahmi bay. 5 Tea, swimming break and dinner are given here (6th night). Day 7: After breakfast, we will go to Göcek island. After a swimming break and lunch, we will go to Turunc or Tarzan bay. 5 Tea, Dinner and Overnight (7th Night). 8th Day: After breakfast, we will go to Samanlık Bay. After a swimming break, the port of Fethiye is entered at noon and the tour is completed by having lunch at the port.

Gulet Blue Cruise

5. Gulet Blue Cruise

Fethiye - Göcek - Fethiye Day 1 : 15:00 hours and 15:30 meeting at our office in Fethiye Marina vicinity is passed to the boat with all our guests . Boat with the help of our staff meets you at the entrance to your cabin baggage when placing your beverage service will be accompanied by disclosures related to the life boats . Want to dine in the city center if you want to relax in our boat shop and you can visit. Dinner and overnight in Fethiye harbor . Day 2 : After breakfast, our boat anchored in the field of translation route to Oludeniz . Swimming and lunch after the boat moving from Oludeniz Butterfly valley remains available in the event of weather conditions and gives a short break from swimming after the ship for dinner and overnight island is reached. Here you can visit the ruins . Day 3 : Our boat at sunrise Ekin dark reaches of iron . Passengers who desire a small river with boats in Dalyan Caunos can tour . The river rock tombs carved into the mountains when the waters get a chance to watch the end of the day towards the Caretta Caretta turtles lay their eggs Iztuzu Beach where you can swim in and a mud bath . ( Tour fee is included in the price ) is Ekin dinner and overnight stay . Day 4 : Our boat before breakfast area network at the Port of iron begins to course correct , then Shipyard Island for lunch and a swimming break starts. This island is a natural harbor was used as shipyards due to the Byzantine era . After a swimming break for dinner and to spend the night in the boat Bedri Rahmi bay is reached. This puts a renowned artist, and draw on a large rock in the bay where the fish can be seen in the picture today of Bedri Rahmi was named Eyüpoğlu . Day 5 : Of iron in the morning after breakfast towards the island boat cruise for lunch makes Gocek . Supplements replenish stores of our boat with boots will be made here . After lunch in the iron moves toward the bay area Sarsala boat for dinner and overnight stay is here . Day 6 : After breakfast and a swimming break in the field of iron boat moves to Hog Island for lunch . After a short course swimming break Yassıcalar to anchor at the island . Yassıcalar symbol of Gocek Bays and the pupil is almost . Dinner and overnight stay will be here . Day 7 : After breakfast, our boat anchored in the field of rare beauty with blue and green which to reach Turunc bay . Lunch and a swimming break here and after that boat in the bay aquarium , then log in to the port of Fethiye . Dinner and overnight in the harbor. Day 8 : Separation and difficult Goodbye Transfer Day Complete with beautiful memories and boat tour After breakfast at 09.00 am on the last boat goodbye to the staff and other guests .

Gulet Blue Cruise Kekova

6. Gulet Blue Cruise Kekova

Day 1 : Göcek – Zeytinli Island Passengers will be picked up from airport and will be transferred to the yacht in Göcek,welcome drinks and a briefing about the yacht and the tour program will be given. Dinner and overnight stay will be either in Zeytinli island or on the boat at Göcek port. The first port may change into Fethiye due to the boat and the passengers. Day 2 : Tersane Island – Cleopatra Hamam Bay After breakfast sailing for a swimming break towards Tersane Island which is one of the biggest islands of the Fethiye Bay.In this island you can see an ancient watching tower and an ancient grave.In the past small ships were built and repaired in this island. But what is important for us is the pure clear waters of this island.We can continue swimming after lunch. When the evening comes we will arrive at Hamam Bay. Day 3 : Butterflies valley – Ölüdeniz– Gemiler Island Sailing early in the morning before breakfast.The captain has a surprise for you today. You will be having breakfast in Butterflies Valley which is well known all around the world. Lunch will be in Ölüdeniz which is a paradise on earth. After lunch we will walk towards Kayaköy. In the afternoon we will arrive at Gemiler island to watch the sunset on the ancient stones. Day 4 : Fethiye - Turunc We will have breakfast near Fethiye then we will walk around the historical places in the near villages.The overnight stay will be in Turunç Bay where we will rest with our body and soul. Day 5 : Aga Port – Bedri Rahmi Bay– Sıralibük Bay After having breakfast in Ağa port you can climb on the ancient places and take photos of the beautiful view.Lunch will be in Bedri ahmi bay. You can see the ancient stone graves here. The real name of the bay is Taşyaka , but then it is called after the big painter Bedri Rahmi. There is a fish paint on a stone between the trees in the island.He painted the fish in 1974 during a blue cruise. After dinner the overnight stay will be in Sıralıbük bay. Day 6 : Sarsala Bay - Yassicalar After breakfast sailing towards Sarsala bay. There are cafes , beaches , beachvolley in this bay , which we cannot see in the other bays. Most of the day we will be here then we will sail towards Yassıcalar for overnight stay. Day 7 : Osman aga Bay - Göcek After breakfast Osman Ağa bay will wait for us. After lunch our captain will take us to the popular bays of Göcek for swimming breaks. Then we will arrive at Göcek island for our last night stay. Day 8 : Separation and difficult Goodbye Transfer Day After the breakfast you might be packing up your luggages, exchanging e-mails with yacht charter crew and maybe the most difficult part is to say goodbye, who knows the world is small and it would be great to return to Turkey for another awesome holiday with abordayachting.

Gocek: Private Yacht Rental & Sunset Tour

7. Gocek: Private Yacht Rental & Sunset Tour

Our 6-person motor yacht is perfect for a wonderful holiday experience. We can tailor a trip to your specific needs, and we have a team of experienced staff to ensure you have a great time. Our swimming tours last for at least 8 hours, and we visit at least 3 beautiful bays. We can also do sunset tours after 6 p.m. Our daily tour capacity is 6 people, and our accommodation tour capacity is 4 people. Fuel is included in the price for our standard routes. For more remote bays, fuel will be charged separately. All soft drinks are included in the price of your tour. We can also provide a meal for €25 per person, or you can bring your own food and alcohol. Alcohol is also available for purchase on the boat. Our boats have Wi-Fi, so you can connect to your phone and listen to your own music. We also have snorkel and paddle board equipment available for free. We can also help you arrange transportation from your hotel to the boat. To book your tour, simply send a "Reservation Request". We look forward to hearing from you!

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This was honestly the highlight of our holiday. It started of with our amazing tour guide Ken who was so lovley, kind and welcoming. We then got on the boat, it wasn’t busy but a nice group of people. The staff were really good. The waters were amazing. Just amazing I would do this everyday if I could, but it is a long day and you need your sleep with all the swimming.

Very friendly and nice team! We have never felt so comfortable. The food was delicious and the service was very good as well. We couldn't imagine it better.

the trip was fun! we went swimming in various different stops and the lunch was great. the views are amazing.