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Istanbul: Galata Tower Entrance Ticket and Audio Guide

1. Istanbul: Galata Tower Entrance Ticket and Audio Guide

Discover Istanbul's main sights with an e-ticket to Galata Tower. Enjoy the view of all of Istanbul from the top of the tower at your own pace. Skip the ticket line and enter what was once the tallest tower in the Ottman Empire. Built in 1300 by Genoese colonists, the Galata Tower served as both a watch tower and a dungeon during Istanbul's darkest days. Choose to visit Galata Tower when you wish with your open e-ticket. Marvel at the Bosphorus River from your high vantage point and look out at the city's rolling hills draped in buildings for a unique view.

Istanbul: Mevlevi Sema and the Whirling Dervishes Show

2. Istanbul: Mevlevi Sema and the Whirling Dervishes Show

Witness the Mevlevi Sema ceremony at the HodjaPasha Culture Center in central Istanbul and see the whirling dances and dervishes. Enjoy complimentary drinks during the show. Step inside a 550-year-old Ottoman Turkish bath in Sultanahmet-Sirkeci and take your place. Learn more about the Mevlevi Sema from the provided booklet. Marvel at this cultural dance that dates back 800 years. The program begins with a classical Turkish music concert. See the dervishes and sheikh take their place and praise the Prophet Mohammed. Following the chant, hear the drum voice as the dervishes perform the seven-part Sema ceremony which represents the birth of humanity. The Sema ends with a Fâtiha for the souls of all prophets, martyrs, and believers, and a prayer for the salvation of the country.

Istanbul: Whirling Dervishes Ceremony and Mevlevi Sema

3. Istanbul: Whirling Dervishes Ceremony and Mevlevi Sema

Experience the Mevlevi Sema ritual at the Kizlaragasi Medrese in the heart of Istanbul, featuring captivating whirling dances and dervishes. Whirling Dervishes are following a Sufi mystic tradition of the religion Islam. In the 12th century, one of the philosophers of the religion Islam opened the path of pure love tradition and led to the Mevlevi Sufi Order´s creation. The name Mevlevi comes from the creator of the order Mevlana Jelaleddini Rumi. Once, his book Rumi was even a top seller in the USA. When it comes to the act of whirling, the followers have an exciting philosophy for the act. In the old days, when the Mevlevi Monasteries were still open, the teachers had to be accepted if someone wanted to be a student. The order´s creator, Mevlana, once said anyone who tried to follow the order to be a student is more than welcome to see the order. So, there was no negative answer for someone who wanted to enter the order in the school. In the initiation though, they were given challenging tasks to complete to show they have whatever it takes to be students. After working in the kitchens to cook for everyone, cleaning all the monastery daily, and doing lots of hard jobs in the sanctuary, they may start studying the order. Whirling is the final act to say that they are accepted in the order, but the real question is, what is the exact meaning of this act? Whirling means to be in harmony with the rest of the creation to them. According to the Mevlevi order, everything was created in the action of whirling, exactly like day and night, summer and winter, life and death, and even the blood in the veils. If you want to be in harmony with the rest of the creation, you have to be in the same form of action. Every costume that they use, any musical instrument during the performance, has a definite meaning. Black costumes, for instance, symbolize death, white ones mean birth, the long hats they are wearing symbolize tombstones of their ego, and so on.

Istanbul: Sabiha Goken Airport Premium Lounge Entry

4. Istanbul: Sabiha Goken Airport Premium Lounge Entry

Avoid the crowds and chaos of the public departure lounge and relax in style before your flight from Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport. Get a 3-hour stay, then make yourself comfortable in one of the premium lounges located in the Departure Level of Domestic Terminal or International Terminal. In the lounge, enjoy the opportunity to unwind before your flight and relax on the comfortable seating as you watch the TV, or read one of the many international newspapers and magazines. You can also make use of the lounges' unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi, and dine on an array of freshly prepared seasonal food as well as drinks. If you have a kid, there is a playroom.

Istanbul: Turkish Dance Show at Hodjapasha Cultural Centre

5. Istanbul: Turkish Dance Show at Hodjapasha Cultural Centre

Get tickets to the Turkish Dance Show at the Hodjapasha Cultural Center for an entertainment-filled evening in Istanbul. Watch a lively performance with traditional dances, folk music, colorful costumes, and video projections in a former hammam built in the 15th century. Be enticed by Turkish folklore dances from different regions of Anatolia performed by professional dancers, blended with modern choreography, stunning costumes, and live music. Enjoy the intimate and authentic atmosphere of this evening show inside the Hodjapasha Cultural Centre, situated within the ancient construction of the Hodjapasha Hamam, a restored 550-year-old Ottoman bath. Admire the original architecture of the building and discover the Dervish exhibition, presented in the foyer area.

Istanbul: Vialand Theme Park Tickets with Package Options

6. Istanbul: Vialand Theme Park Tickets with Package Options

Enter the most exciting theme park in Turkey home to the first shopping center that combines shopping and exhibition centers, entertainment, and lifestyle complex. Vialand (formerly known as Isfanbul) offers its guests world-class fun with its park filled with rides. Feel the adrenaline on Nefeskesen, fastest rollercoaster which exceeds speeds of 110 kph in 3 seconds. Then, experience the 15 m sudden drop on the Viking water ride before heading to the 360-degree entertainment station which is suitable for all ages.  See all of Istanbul under your feet at the Tower of Justice viewing platform which is 50 m high. Finally, swing on the Saray Salincagi ride, with a 40-person capacity and 20 m diameter cycle. End your day at the outdoor concert and event stage which features the biggest outdoor screen in Turkey and seats a capacity of 10,000 people. Watch a range of special shows and concerts by famous artists at this never-ending festival environment. Choose between the All-Inclusive VIP, Diamond, or Gold Packages that offer food menus, drink options, and bonus attractions depending on your choice. Take a thrilling ride down the Zipline and Up-Side House and try ice cream, hookah, and coffee at Bloom Hookah Cafe.

Istanbul: Live Whirling Dervishes Experience

7. Istanbul: Live Whirling Dervishes Experience

Witness the Sema ceremony unfold at the Hodjapasha Center in Istanbul. Watch the Whirling Dervishes perform this 800-year-old spiritual ritual complete with traditional music. Embark on a spiritual journey and watch the mystical ritual of the Mevlevi Order, whose whirling dance has been declared a UNESCO Heritage of Humanity. See the Sema ceremony with its roots in 800-year-old mysticism. Watch the ceremony unfold with a live musical introduction of Mevlevi music. A Dervish is a Sufi and member of the Mevlevi Order who seeks to find divine truth and love directly with God. Observe this masterful cultural performance as the Dervishes portray the journey of man’s spiritual ascent to perfection through mind and love. The community of Sufism developed religious practices focusing on self-control that enable both mental and mystical insights as well as a loss of self, with the ultimate goal of mystical union with God.

Istanbul: Istanbul Aquarium Ticket & Shuttle Bus from Taksim

8. Istanbul: Istanbul Aquarium Ticket & Shuttle Bus from Taksim

Come and explore Istanbul Aquarium, a one-of-its-kind aquarium housing 1,500 species from all over the world, with this time-saving entry ticket and roundtrip transfer service. The world-renowned aquarium is a top destination for families with children and anyone who loves marine life. Thanks to its size, variety of fish species and engaging activities such as interactive games and 5D cinema, it is an unforgettable experience for everyone. Over 17,000 sea and land creatures await you in the magical underwater world of Istanbul Aquarium. Say hello to the myriad of inhabitants by following a 1.2 kilometer long geographical route, letting you travel from the Black Sea to the Pacific Ocean. Gaze at the 17 different ocean environments and a rainforest while keeping an eye out for sharks, balloon fish, piranhas, penguins, clownfish, and many other fascinating water animals. Best of all, with our skip-the-line ticket and shuttle transfer service, you can enjoy hassle-free access to this popular attraction. Enter the aquarium quickly and easily without having to wait in line. The included shuttle service will take you from the pickup point in Taksim to Istanbul Aquarium, and vice versa, so you can sit back and relax without having to worry about getting there on your own.

Istanbul: "Fire of Anatolia" Legendary Dance Show Ticket

9. Istanbul: "Fire of Anatolia" Legendary Dance Show Ticket

Get ready to see one of the most famous dance shows in the world! The ancient mythology and cultural history of Anatolia serve as the foundation for the innovative concept called Fire of Anatolia. The Fire of Anatolia is a world-renowned Turkish dance group that performs a mix of traditional Anatolian folk dances, ballet and modern dance. The group was founded in 2001 and has since performed in over 100 countries for more than 50 million people. The revolutionary idea known as the Fire of Anatolia is built upon the region's historic mythology and cultural heritage. The goal of Fire of Anatolia is to spread the flame of love, peace and cultural heritage that resides in Anatolia throughout the world. The Fire of Anatolia has come a long way toward realizing this goal, becoming one of the top dance groups in the world as a result of several international performances and promotional activities.

Istanbul: Zipline Adventure with Bosphorus View

10. Istanbul: Zipline Adventure with Bosphorus View

Fly through the air over the views of the Bosphorus Strait on a ziplining adventure. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you glide over the treetops of Nakkaştepe Park with the city skyline in sight. On the 250m-long zipline, relax with knowledgeable staff ensuring your safety at every step. Begin your zipline experience with a brief safety and equipment orientation. The ziplining support staff will provide your safety belt, helmet, and ensure that your equipment is appropriate for your height and weight. Once you've passed inspection, it's time to take flight over the trees. Next, your zipline team carefully connects your harness to the 12mm-thick, weighty steel cable. As you begin to zipline, experience the breathtaking sensation of weightless flying. Reach up to 80km/h as you travel 250m through the air and admire the stunning views before reaching the final point.

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Everything was very nice and easy to get and find. Amazing stuff. Thanks for everything ❤️

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