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Kekova & Sunken City Boat Tour From Kas

1. Kekova & Sunken City Boat Tour From Kas

Start your boat trip at 9:00 AM in the morning from Kas Harbour where you will board your boat. From here you will set-off on your adventure, first stop, Inonu Bay. After a scenic 1-hour trip, you'll arrive at your destination just in time for a dip in crystal clear waters. Your swimming break at Inonu Bay will last 45-minutes, with the option to lay on the sand and soak up some rays.  Next, sail to Akvaryum Bay at the opening of Kekova, a place resembling an aquarium due to its depth and clarity. Whilst here, explore the water, teeming with life before enjoying an all-organic lunch of tasty olive-oil based dishes and a grill. Follow up your delicious lunch with a stop at Simena Village for 1-hour. Here you will have free time to explore the historical castle and taste some delicious ice cream. Cruise around the Sunken City and learn of its fascinating history.  Continue on your tour by heading to Yaglica Bay. Whilst at Yaglica Bay, stop for a refreshing swim in the stunning Mediterranean before travelling to your last stop, Kas Harbour. End your day of fun in the stun back at the marina.

From Kas: Kekova Sea Kayaking Tour With Lunch

2. From Kas: Kekova Sea Kayaking Tour With Lunch

If you are a complete beginner or novice don't worry, this is a physical activity similar to going for a long brisk walk. The tour starts around 8:30 am when everyone gets on the bus in Kaş for the drive to Uçağiz village, which takes about 45 minutes. Kekova Kayak tour begin with a safety briefing and paddle instruction and then the fun begins! You will then enter the water and start your first paddling session from Üçağiz to get accustomed to the kayak and practice proper navigation. We depart Ucagiz at 09:30 am with motorized support vessel to escort us, and paddle southwest down the coast towards the Kekova Island and arrive Tersane bay at 10:15 am and followed by a swimming break. From there the group will slowly paddle over the ancient Lycian Sunken City of Kekova. Since this is a protected area, swimming is not permitted here. So what better way to explore the Sunken City than by Kayaking alongside the ruins; giving you the chance to capture unforgettable photos. After an exciting of adventure, we’ll head to Simena and arrive at 11:30 am, park in Kaleköy (ancient Simena Castle) for 45 mins, giving you time to visit this small authentic village that’s home to castle ruins and a necropolis. A hike up the hillside will give you magnificent views of the Kekova region. If you’d prefer to admire Simena Castle from down below, you can use your remaining time to take another dip in the gorgeous blue waters. In the afternoon we head back towards Theimussa for an up close view of more impressive Lycian sarcophagi and then return to our Kayak base. Following this you will move on to Üçağiz to enjoy lunch at 13:15 pm

Kalkan: Kekova Sunken City Boat Trip

3. Kalkan: Kekova Sunken City Boat Trip

After being collected from your Kalkan or Kaş accommodation, you will be ready for your full-day boat trip through the crystal-clear Mediterranean waters. Beginning from Ucagız village, you will sail for 1 hour to arrive at the heart of Kekova. Here you will be able to take your first swim break at Tersane Bay, viewing the sunken city ruins through the glass-bottomed boat. You will then have the opportunity to dine on a delicious open buffet lunch at Gokkaya Bay, where guests will have a second chance to swim through the clear water. From there, you will visit the pirate cave and Burc Bay, before eventually stopping at Simena. Once at Simena, you will have the choice to walk up to the castle that boasts magnificent views over the bay. Alternatively, you can explore the village and settle into one of the cafes well known and admired for their home-made ice-cream. You will then have the opportunity to enjoy a final swim near Ucagız Village, before the drive back to Kalkan.

Kas: Full-Day Boat Tour with Lunch

4. Kas: Full-Day Boat Tour with Lunch

Yarilgan Bay: Our first stop of the day is at the picturesque bay of Yarilgon Bay. Snorkel equipment is available for you to use or you can simply just swim around on the surface. The waters around these parts are full of wonderful sights and curious fish. For those that would like to venture into the local bat cave our guide is on hand to take you there. Twelve Isles: This spot is a great area to snorkel. Teeming with marine life of all shapes, sizes and colours. The twelve isles also has a ship wreck and underwater canyons which makes it a popular spot with breeding fish and other sea creatures. This is one of the most popular spots on this tour and for good reason. There is always plenty to see here. Of course you don’t have to be constantly active and in and out of the water. You can always choose to just chill on deck enjoying the sea breeze and sunshine. An organic lunch is included in the full price and we will stop in a calm bay for you to enjoy on board the yacht. This is a real treat, and the olive oil inspired dishes are sure to satiate your hungry appetite. Guvercin Island: It’s at this spot where we take lunch. Afterwards you can take a swim and see the unusual sight of an underwater shark monument. There’s nothing really like this anywhere else and it is always a popular tourist spot for underwater photos. Harbour Mouth Bay and Big Pebble Beach: As we slowly make our way back to Kas marina your captain will stop off at two special points for some more swimming and relaxing. Harbour mouth bay and Big pebble beach are stunning places of natural beauty and are great spots to bring this day long tour to an end. Return Back: The whole day is about 8 to 9 hours long. When your yacht returns to Kas marina your driver will be on hand to take you back to your hotel.

From Kas: Day Trip to Kekova Island

5. From Kas: Day Trip to Kekova Island

First, we will pick you up from our meeting point in Kaş, take you to our boat in Ucagiz/Demre harbour, and get ready for your action-packed day on the water! We depart from Ucagiz/Demre harbour for the boat trip between 10:20 and 10.40 am. AQUARIUM BAY Cool off during a whopping one-hour swim break in this picturesque bay next to Kekova Island, and be dazzled by its beauty. KEKOVA ISLAND AND SUNKEN CITY Discover the fascinating secrets of Kekova’s history on this unique adventure around Sunken City. The ancient city of Dolchiste was flooded due to an earthquake in the 2nd century, and its resulting underwater ruins never fail to leave an impression. Since this is a protected area, swimming is not permitted here, so what better way to explore the site than by cruising alongside the ruins on our glass-bottom boat, giving you the chance to capture unforgettable photos? BURÇ BAY Swim break in Burç Bay. The sea is a little cooler in this area due to the cold underwater natural springs. PIRATES CAVE Discover this intriguing naturally-formed cave, which is renowned for its large size and curved entrance. GÖKKAYA BAY Time for a lunch and swim break at Gökkaya Bay, where you can experience the natural beauty of the area and opt to participate in one of the various exciting water sports on offer. ESMERALDA BAY We’ll stop to swim in Esmeralda Bay where you can enjoy peace and tranquility during this fun journey. SIMENA CASTLE Our boat will drop anchor in Kaleköy port (ancient Simena) for one hour, giving you time to visit this small authentic village that’s home to castle ruins and a necropolis. A hike up the hillside will give you magnificent views of the Kekova region. If you’d prefer to admire Simena Castle from down below, you can use your remaining time to take another dip in the gorgeous blue waters. After an exciting adventure, we’ll head back to Ucagiz/Demre harbour, where this memorable boat trip ends. We hope you enjoy the sights we’ve shown you on this tour. At the end of the boat ttrip, we’ll take you back to the picturesque town of Kaş, where your tour officially ends.

Kas: Full-Day Private Kas Islands Boat Trip with Lunch

6. Kas: Full-Day Private Kas Islands Boat Trip with Lunch

Your boat trips begins at 9:30AM or 10:00AM as you sail from Kas Harbour to your first stop of Yarilgan Bay for a swimming break. In this marvelous bay you can enjoy the sea by using goggles and flippers available on deck. If you wish, you can also be taken to the Bat’s Cave just beside the bay via speedboat. Observe the fish in the waters of this serene island, or enjoy taking part in activities such as underwater photography, riding a sea scooter, paddle boarding, or kayaking. After an hour-long break in Yarilgan Bay, head to your next stop of Twelve Isles. The highlight of your Kas boat trip, you can view a shipwreck, the fascinating underwater canyon, colorful fish, and countless underwater beauties at this site. As you enjoy the sea and explore the secret underwater life, your all-organic lunch composed of delicious olive oil dishes and grilled goods is being prepared. To enjoy lunch, sail to Guvercin Island which is home to a serene and calm bay. Outside of being a fantastic lunch stop, the area's underwater shark statue provides a spectacular and unexpected point of interest. Following lunch, head to Harbour Mouth Bay to spend 2 hours sailing around Big Pebble Beach, famous for its chilly fresh waters. Throughout your final stop fresh fruit will be served to you, and your boat trip will later conclude with your arrival back at the Kas Marina by 6:00PM.

From Kas: Day Trip to Kekova, Demre and Myra

7. From Kas: Day Trip to Kekova, Demre and Myra

Embark on an unforgettable journey from the lively town of Kaş, exploring the stunning coastline and ancient wonders of Demre. Here's a shortened version of the tour route: Kaş to Demre Harbor: Begin your adventure with a morning transfer from Kaş to Demre harbor, where the boat awaits to kickstart your trip to Kekova. Kekova Island and Sunken City: Cruise along Kekova Island and witness the mesmerizing ruins of Sunken City. Capture unforgettable photos as you glide on our glass-bottom boat, marvelling at the underwater remains of the ancient city of Dolchiste. Simena Castle: Drop anchor at Kaleköy port, also known as ancient Simena. Explore the authentic village, visit castle ruins, and enjoy breathtaking views of the Kekova region from atop the hillside. Take a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear blue waters. Esmeralda Bay: Indulge in lunch and swim break at the serene Esmeralda Bay, basking in the tranquillity of this beautiful location. Burç Bay: Experience the cool waters of Burç Bay, enriched by cold underwater natural springs. Take a swim break and soak in the peaceful ambience of the area. Gökkaya Bay: Enjoy another swim break in Gökkaya Bay, surrounded by stunning natural beauty. Engage in thrilling water sports activities if you're up for an adventure. Pirates Cave: Explore the intriguing Pirates Cave, famous for its large size and curved entrance, a natural wonder that captivates visitors. Karemlik Bay: Keep an eye out for sea turtles in their natural habitat as you visit Karemlik Bay, where three of the seven known sea turtle species can be found. Demre Harbor: After the boat trip, anchor at Demre Harbor, where your tour continues with a visit to a nearby museum. Optional Stops: St. Nicholas Church: Explore the Santa Claus Museum, originally built as a church in memory of St. Nicholas of Myra. Discover the remains of this ancient church and immerse yourself in history. The Ancient City of Myra: Step back in time as you explore the famous archaeological site of Myra. Marvel at the Roman-style theater, the largest in Lycia, and the eerie rock-cut tombs carved into the cliffs. Demre to Kaş: At the end of the day, return to the picturesque town of Kaş, where your tour concludes, leaving you with cherished memories of the sights and experiences you encountered.

Antalya Airport to Kaş or Kaş to Antalya Airport

8. Antalya Airport to Kaş or Kaş to Antalya Airport

Enjoy a one-way private transfer with your air-conditioned and luxury car from Antalya airport to your preferred location in Kaş. Start your journey by being picked up with a friendly welcome. Have a safe, comfortable and stress-free experience.

Kas: Scuba Diving Experience

9. Kas: Scuba Diving Experience

Mediterranean sea is one of the best dive seas in the world and that the waters off Kas are some of the best in the whole sea. The warm temperatures and the slow, gentle currents make it perfect for marine life to come and breed and give birth. The conditions are also perfect from a safety point of view making this a great spot to take your first underwater adventure. You day begins at our dive centre where we will assess your dive ability. For those who have dived before and are PADI, CMAS or DAN certified, our instructors will take you out to more sophisticated and challenging dives. For those new to the dive scene or for those who just want a relaxing day do not worry, there are plenty of options available for you. Once you are accustomed to your equipment, (which is all included in the price) we will set off for a nearby dive site. In Kas it is not necessary to use speed boats as all the dive sites are relatively close to the shore. Making this a much more relaxing and original dive experience. No matter what experience you take your dive will take you straight to another world as soon as you enter the waters. The colours of the many tropical fish swimming by are mesmerizing and you will have a chance to watch as the marine life goes about its daily business. Many of the islands dotted around the Kas coastline make excellent shelter for the smaller fish or those that are breeding. The coral reefs provide excellent food sources and there’s always an abundance of life down here. Lobsters, sting rays, eels, dolphins and even sea turtles all live in this area so keep your eyes peeled. For more advanced divers there is the opportunity to explore some local caves, underwater canyons or visit the drop offs which are always teeming with marine life. Our expert team of divers will be on hand to point everything out to you and ensure you get the most out of this exhilarating experience.

Kas/Kalkan: Roundtrip Ferry to Kastellorizo

10. Kas/Kalkan: Roundtrip Ferry to Kastellorizo

Ferry trip: You will board a colourful, local ferry and enjoy a relaxing trip across the cool, blue Mediterranean waters which will last about half an hour. During the trip you’ll have plenty of photo opportunities of the local shoreline from Kas as well as time to take in the sun so please remember to bring sun cream. The Blue Cave: One of the most popular things to do in Kastellorizo is to visit the blue cave. On arrival at Kastellorizo there are plenty of smaller fishing boats that double up as tourist boats to take guests to the blue cave for about 10 euros. In order to get inside you’ll need to lie flat on the deck of the boat as it slowly enters but once inside the cave opens up and is coloured a vivid blue colour due to the clear waters. The Castle: Visitors to the island enjoy taking the 20-minute stroll up the hill to explore the castle. The views from this vantage point are amazing and make it a well worthy trip up. Another reason not to forget your camera today. Kastellorizo Town: The small town of Kastellorizo has a population of just a few hundred people and the laid back pace of island living is a good reason why a lot of people come to visit. Grab lunch at a local Taverna or enjoy a few beers under the shade as you let life drift by. Staying in Kastellorizo: Whilst most people only do a day trip to this stunning island, some people enjoy the feeling when the day’s tourists leave on the 4pm ferry. You can book at one of the towns guesthouses and take the ferry back the next day. Return to Kas: At 4pm every day the ferry departs on the half hour journey back to the mainland and to Kas harbour. Enjoy the leisurely journey and soak in the remainder of the days sun as your ferry glides safely back to Kas.

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We had a great time. There are 4 swim stops and one stop at Kekove. The stop at kekove harbor is one hour. I hope they can make it 90 minutes. Climbing to the castle is not an easy task. We don’t have any time left to do shopping. But anything, we had a great time swimming in crystal clear water. Relaxing on boat. Food is not that great which is not surprising

Had an unique and luxurious experience with captain Hassan. Enjoyed the whole boat by myself. The view of castle and sunken city is absolutely breathtaking. Worth it!

It was a lot of fun, a great day all round! If you are looking for adventure and beautiful beaches, you should not miss this promotion.

Good trip, enough stops. I had a good time. Lunch was OK, not too special, but certainly not bad at all. Visiting very nice locations.

Such a fun and relaxing time with plenty of opportunity to swim in clear blue water!! A must when in Kas