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Our most recommended Lombardy Air & Helicopter Tours

Milan: San Colombano al Lambro Hot Air Balloon Flight

1. Milan: San Colombano al Lambro Hot Air Balloon Flight

Head to the hot air balloon launch site of San Colombano al Lambro, approximately 27 miles (45 kilometers) from the center of Milan, to glide over the vineyards and farms of the Po valley. Meet your pilot to transfer to the nearby launch site for a pre-flight briefing. If you choose, you can assist with the balloon inflation to be part of your flight experience. Once the balloon is inflated, the pilot will welcome you on board the “lighter than air“ flight. The direction of your journey will depend on the wind, although some directional control is possible by ascending or descending into air currents. The pilot can raise or lower the hot air balloon by controlling the temperature inside the balloon. Enjoy 360-degree panoramic views and get bird’s eye photo opportunities of the spectacular scenery. The maximum height you will ascend to is 1,500 feet (500 meters) where the temperature is almost the same as on the ground. The ground crew will be tracking your flight as you go so that they will be waiting with the Jeep transfer to take you back to San Colombano al Lambro after your landing. Before your transfer, and after an approximate 40-60 minute flight time, toast your adventure with local d.o.c. wines and salami and cheese. Your pilot will sign your first flight certificate as a souvenir of your day.

Lake Como: Scenic Views Luxury Helicopter Tour

2. Lake Como: Scenic Views Luxury Helicopter Tour

There is hardly a place in Europe that evokes images of beauty, glamour and tranquility more than Lake Como in Italy. For hundreds of years it’s been a popular destination with the rich and famous but there are plenty of things to do at Lake Como for the humble tourist, too. This tour allows you to enjoy the incredible panoramas of it's spectacular coast, picturesque villages and it's glorious sunshine from your amazing and luxurious helicopters. Stars including George Clooney, Madonna and Richard Branson have all famously owned homes in this region, not to mention it continues to be a firm celebrity favorite for a holiday. In addition to your classic tour, you can arrange (on demand): exclusive trips with lunch on restaurants located directly on the lake, flights for the wedding-day or marriage declarations, one-day trips to Venice or Florence and transfer to Malpensa airport.

Bergamo: Tandem Paraglider Flight

3. Bergamo: Tandem Paraglider Flight

The meeting always takes place at the landing. If you choose to drive to the takeoff with your own car, the pilot will come with you (the passenger must therefore be accompanied by a person who will bring the car from takeoff back to the landing); if instead you go up with the shuttle, this will have to be paid cash on the spot directly to the person offering the service (which is disconnected from AirEmotions). As the price of the service varies according to the location and the season, the exact price will be communicated when booking the flight date. Once we will reach the takeoff place, a bit of tension will to rise; it’s normal. I would worry if it were not so! The takeoff is a grassy lawn, nice to have a picnic; you never thought it could be a runway, eh? First I will spread the paraglider on the ground and control the cables, so that everything is in order for takeoff. I will put your harness on and the helmet and then you will be given a briefing on what you will have to do for takeoff and I will explain the flight plan. Takeoff is a delicate phase because it is a phase (the only one of flight) in which the passenger is required an active collaboration: in other words…. RUN! In fact, to take off we have to reach a certain speed, like planes: they can take off from the airport because they have engines, but we don’t have engines so we have to take speed running downhill. So you have to run, sometimes fast, and keep running until the pilot will tell you to stop. Once we have reached the necessary speed, the paraglider will lift us from the ground. In this and many other ways paragliding is very different from skydiving, in which instead you jump (I write it for the sake of it, but I know you would never get confused). Im flying! The first moments after take-off will be really exciting: you will still have the adrenaline of the takeoff and you will immediately find yourself in another dimension. Take it easy: from now on you will not have to do anything rather than sitting comfortably in the harness. You’ll just have to enjoy your flight. Everyone has different expectations and tastes and each flight is different, either because you always fly a different air and because it can be tailored on you. If you are scared it will be a quiet flight, if you are rad it will be more adrenaline, if you do not know what you want I’ll give you a taste of every aspect of the flight. The flight takes on average 10-15 minutes (max 20). Usually it is divided into three phases: in the first phase the passenger simply gets comfortable with the new dimension, in the second one and if the wind conditions allow, I teach the passenger how to fly by letting him control of the glider and in the third, if you want, we can do some roller coaster flying. When we reach landing do not worry; it’s actually easier than you think. The speeds involved are low and, even without wind, the landing is resolved in a few steps.

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