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Kancamagus Highway: Self-Driving Audio Tour

1. Kancamagus Highway: Self-Driving Audio Tour

Experience a picturesque journey down the Kancamagus Scenic Highway, starting from the quaint town of Lincoln in New Hampshire. As you set off, delve into the intriguing past of Lincoln and the iconic Old Man in the Mountain, once a symbol of the Granite State. Your drive will be accompanied by tales from the Pennacook tribe, notably the celestial bear legend, illuminating how the hunt transformed seasons. Otter Lake emerges as a scenic respite, where insights about moose spotting and avian wonders await the keen observer. Travel the highway’s bends and turns that will lead you to the awe-inspiring vistas of Hancock Overlook. Here, nature’s grandeur is complemented with tales of the mountain's formation and Chief Osceola, the revered namesake of Osceola Mountain. Approach the towering silhouette of Mount Washington and be introduced to its deep significance for the Pennacook tribe. This mountain isn't just a geographical marvel, but a testament to the tribe’s beliefs and reverence. Your journey continues with panoramic overlooks that, during autumn, offer mesmerizing views of foliage ablaze in golds and reds. The highway beckons further to Sabbaday Falls, where the legacy of the Pennacook Confederacy and its visionary chief unravels. Visit the nearby Russell-Colbath House, a testament to time but also murmurs tales of eerie disappearances. Continue on and visit the tranquil waters of the Rocky Gorge Scenic Area that invite you to marvel at cascading waterfalls. Spanning these waters is a centuries-old wooden bridge, which stands as both a testament to craftsmanship and a photogenic gem. Concluding your odyssey, be entertained with tales of an unexpected feud between the Rockefellers and persistent beavers. Learn of the Pennacook tribe’s decline and the chilling legend of the Saco River Curse. This self-guided tour ensures you conclude at the Saco Ranger Station in Conway, your heart and mind enriched with history, legend, and the unparalleled beauty of the Kancamagus Highway.

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