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Naples, Florida: Manatee Sightseeing and Wildlife Boat Tour

1. Naples, Florida: Manatee Sightseeing and Wildlife Boat Tour

Manatees, sometimes called sea cows for their slow and peaceful movements, are often spotted in Florida waterways. On this wildlife spotting tour, you'll get up close to manatees and other animals such as alligators, dolphins, and birds as you cruise around on a covered boat, which caters to all types of weather. Meet your guide and group at the port and embark on a covered boat. Set sail, take in the views, and get ready to spot some wildlife. Exploring with a guide means your chances of spotting the creatures are dramatically increased. Take the whole family along on this exciting boat tour that glides around the Port of the Islands and the Everglades on the search for manatees, alligators, birds, and more. Snap some amazing close-up photos of these special creatures. Head back to the meeting point.

From Naples, FL: Marco Island Mangroves Kayak or Paddle Tour

2. From Naples, FL: Marco Island Mangroves Kayak or Paddle Tour

Hop on a kayak or paddleboard and experience the magic of Florida's natural mangrove formations. Follow your guide through the intricate tunnels that make up this unique coastal forest and head toward Marco Island for the possibility to spot dolphins, manatees, and seabirds. Begin your journey in Naples with a short briefing and immerse yourself in the maze of tunnels on your way to the island. Enjoy a relaxed experience surrounded by the saltwater and freshwater species that call the mangroves home. Rest assured there are no alligators or dangerous animals around. Weave your kayak or paddleboard through and under the branches, always accompanied by your guide. Find hidden coves and stop at Marco Island to discover the beautiful untouched habitat.

Naples, FL: Manatee, Dolphin, & 10,000 Islands Sunset Cruise

3. Naples, FL: Manatee, Dolphin, & 10,000 Islands Sunset Cruise

Enjoy a magical sunset cruise in Florida. Visit Everglades National Park, a World Heritage Site, and admire the hundreds of animal species, including turtles, alligators, and many beautiful birds. Meet your guide at the Port of the Islands Marina to begin your cruise. Jump aboard the cruise, relax and enjoy the calming waters as you head through the Everglades to the 10,000 islands to watch the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico waters. Love mother nature and animals? Well, this is the perfect place for you. Relax, unwind, and enjoy a night watching the sun go down; if you're lucky, you will see the manatees up close and personal.

Naples, FL: Manatee and Dolphin Cruise to 10,000 Islands

4. Naples, FL: Manatee and Dolphin Cruise to 10,000 Islands

Discover the beauty and biodiversity of Florida's Everglades on this cruise from Naples to Ten Thousand Islands. Protect your eyes with the use of polarized sunglasses and get stunning pictures with the use of a polarized phone camera lens. Head to Whitehorse Island for some relaxing beach time.  Meet your guide at the Port of the Islands Marina and take a seat in the shade on covered boat. Put on a pair of high-tech water sunglasses and set sail through the sparkling harbor and bay. Sail through a dense mangrove forest in search of manatees and alligators. Keep an eye on the wake of the boat where playful dolphins like to frolic. Gaze up to the sky to spot brightly-colored birds. Enjoy free time on the beach where you can look for shells on the soft white sands of Whitehorse Island. Find out details about the history of the region from a local guide that is eager to answer questions and help you spot the animals. End your tour at your original departure point at the Port of the Islands Marina.

Marco Island: Ten Thousand Island Jet Ski Guided Tour

5. Marco Island: Ten Thousand Island Jet Ski Guided Tour

Reach parts of the Ten Thousand Islands that boats just can't get to, on a guided jet ski tour. Search for dolphins and birds, and visit the pristine waters of Rookery Bay as you ride the waves on the back of a jet ski. Discover the rich wildlife and diverse ecosystems of Florida's Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge, where the Gulf of Mexico meets the everglades. Zip in and around the small uninhabited islands that make up the chain of islands known as the Ten Thousand Islands. Pass small islands overgrown with red mangroves and see the rich ecosystem the unique archipelago is famous for. See an array of wildlife in and around the water, including the elegant Great Blue Herons and Egrets in their natural habitat. Jet across the calm water, passing oyster flats, and small sandy beaches. Ride your jet ski to Rookery Bay National Reserve which stretches across 110,000 acres of pristine mangrove forest, uplands, and protected waters. Keep an eye on the water for playful dolphins in the larger bays. Local resident Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins use this area to hunt for their meals, play with each other or catch up on their sleep. They share the waters with manatees and w wide variety of other marine life.

Naples, FL: Guided Standup Paddleboard or Kayak Tour

6. Naples, FL: Guided Standup Paddleboard or Kayak Tour

Search for dolphins and manatees on a guided SUP or kayak tour from Marco Island. Explore one of the top places in the country for paddling, see conchs and pelicans flying overhead, and spot sea turtles paddling in the water. After meeting your guide next to the water, enjoy a quick introduction to standup paddleboards or kayaks, if you prefer. Once you're ready, hop on your paddleboard or kayak and head into the water. Follow your guide to the best places to spot Florida's famous wildlife. Keep an eye out for dolphins, manatees, sea turtles, bald eagles, pelicans, osprey, and conchs. Marvel at the elusive West Indian manatees swimming in some of their favorite waters.

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There were no manatees. The guide searched for them, but to no avail. The title dolphins are rather a marketing trick. Despite the critical first sentences, we consider the family trip very successful. Alligators and mangrove forests will be remembered forever. A shorter option could be considered.

This was a blast! Wife and I booked this during our trip to Marco Island and kayaking through the Mangrove Tunnels was amazing. Victor was an amazing guide and kept us laughing throughout the whole trip. I highly recommend! But you better be in shape. Us oldens were making the youngens look old.