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Our most recommended Philae Temple UNESCO sites

Aswan: Philae Temple Sound & Light Show with Transfers

1. Aswan: Philae Temple Sound & Light Show with Transfers

Take a narrated multimedia journey through time at the Sound and Light Show at Philae Temple. Hear tales of Goddess Isis and God Osiris, and explore the temple at night, with return transfers from your Aswan hotel included. Begin your evening with pickup from your Aswan hotel by private vehicle. At the marina, hop onboard a boat for a short ride across to Agilkia Island. Using music, lasers, and light projections, stroll through the temple as the multimedia show brings Ancient Egyptian mythology to life in a stunning location. Who were Isis and Osiris, and why were they so important to ancient Egyptians? Philae Temple itself has a remarkable story. Due to regular flooding in the early 20th century, a special project was carried out by UNESCO to transport the temple stone by stone to its current site on an island in the Nile River.

From Cairo: 2-Day Abu Simbel & Luxor Tour

2. From Cairo: 2-Day Abu Simbel & Luxor Tour

Day 1: Start your day with pickup at 3 AM from your hotel in Cairo to catch your domestic flight to Aswan. Arrive at Aswan Airport at 6 AM, greeted by tour representatives, and enjoy transfer to the Philae Temple and the High Dam. At 10:30 AM transfer to Abu Simble by private bus. Visit Abu Simbel Temple, the colossal Temple of Abu Simbel built by Ramses II in the 19th dynasty. Visit the small temple of the king's wife Nefertari, dedicated to the goddess Hathor. Then, make your way to your hotel in Aswan for an overnight stay. First, visit Abu Simbel Temple – a stunning Ancient Egyptian monument built by Ramses II out of a sandstone rock cliff. Marvel at the representation of the deities carved on the temple's huge façade. Nearby, also visit the small Temple of the King's wife Nefertari, dedicated to the goddess Hathor. At the end of your tour, transfer to your hotel in Aswan ready for an overnight stay at the Pyramisa Isis Hotel. Day 2: After breakfast at the hotel, get picked up by the representative and transfer to Luxor. Start the day with a visit to the West Bank to visit the Valley of the Kings which holds the tombs of various dynasties and the Temple of Deir El Bahari. On the return journey, stop at the Colossi of Memnon - 2 gigantic sitting statues representing Amenophis III facing the Nile. Then, visit the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut. After this, head over to the East Bank to see the Luxor Temple. Stroll through the courtyard and admire the granite statues of Ramses the Great. Then, transfer by carriage or bus to Karnak Temple - a series of temples built within different reigns. Start by the Avenue of Sphinxes, then visit the Unfinished Propylon and the Hypostyle Hall with it's 134 gigantic columns. See the Obelisks of Queen Hatshepsut and Tuthmosis III. Marvel at the Temple of Amon adorned which is adorned with lotus and papyrus designs, the Granite Scarbeus of Amenophis III, and the Sacred Lake. Finally, transfer to Luxor Airport and catch your domestic flight to Cairo. When you arrive in Cairo you will be met by a representative who will transfer you back to your hotel in Cairo.

Hurghada: Luxor & Aswan 5-Day Nile Cruise with Guided Tours

3. Hurghada: Luxor & Aswan 5-Day Nile Cruise with Guided Tours

Get picked up from your hotel in Hurghada on the first day and transfer in a private air-conditioned car to Luxor. Upon arrival, visit the great Karnak Temple with your professional guide, then drive over to the beautiful Luxor Temple. After your Luxor tour, check in to the cruise and get some rest. At night, discover Luxor's old market before an overnight cruise. On Day 2, be ready early in the morning for a fabulous tour of the West Bank. Get there by motorboat, then drive to the Valley of the Kings. Continue to the famous Queen Hatshepsut Temple and take the opportunity to visit Howard Carter House, where the Englishman who discovered Tutankhamun's treasures lived. Return to the cruise and start sailing. Enjoy the views of Luxor's islands and local culture as you go, before passing Esna Lock and arriving in Edfu for the night. Early on the third day, visit Edfu Temple by horse and carriage. Upon return to the boat, savor a drink on the sundeck as you cruise all the way to the town of Kom Ombo. Reach Kom Ombo around sunset and discover Kom Ombo Temple before spending the night on the boat. At around 5 AM on Day 4, it's time to visit some of the most important temples in the whole world: the Abu Simbel Temples, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the Nubian Monuments. Get some rest after your tour before exploring Aswan's old market at night. On the last day, head down the Nile to take an Egyptian motorboat to Philae Island Temple. Finally, visit the famous Aswan High Dam before being transferred back to your accommodation in Hurghada.

Luxor: 2-Day Trip to Edfu, Kom Ombo, Aswan and Abu Simbel

4. Luxor: 2-Day Trip to Edfu, Kom Ombo, Aswan and Abu Simbel

Day 1: Luxor to Aswan Sightseeing Tours 06:00 AM you will be met and assisted at your hotel in Luxor and transferred to Edfu around an hour drive south of Luxor. Arrival in Edfu where you can visit the majestic Temple of Edfu that dedicated to Horus which is considered by most to be the best preserved cult temple in Egypt. According to the Egyptian myths, it was the place where the falcon-headed god Horus revenged the murder of his father Osiris by killing Seth. Then continue your day tour to Kom Ombo around 45 minutes driving from Eduf Arrival Kom Ombo transfer to see the Temple of Kom Ombo standing on high grounds overlooking The Nile. It differs from other temples because of its double entrance; each one is dedicated to divinity: “Haroeris” with his falcon head and “Sobek” with his crocodile head. The Temple of Kom Ombo was built on the honor of two deities the crocodile-headed Sobek, god of fertility and creator of the world, and Haroeris or the ancient falcon-headed Horus. Also, Kom Ombo’s importance lies in its huge sugar-cane. Then continue your day tour to Aswan to enjoy a day tour in the amazing city of Aswan, visiting the High Dam, an engineering miracle built in 1960 protecting Egypt from annual floods from the Nile. Then proceed to visit the Unfinished Obelisk which shows the techniques used by the ancient Egyptians to cut obelisks. Most probably this obelisk belongs to Queen Hatshepsut, one of the rulers of the 18th Dynasty and the royal wife of king Tuthmosis II. This queen was the owner of her Temple in the eastern bank of Luxor. Also there is an opinion said that it belongs to Queen Nefertiti. Move on to visit the majestic Philae Temple which was built on the honor of Goddess Isis the chief deity of the island Finally you will be transferred to your hotel in Aswan for check-in with free time at leisure and overnight stay Meals: Lunch Day 2: Abu Simbel Trip from Aswan 03:30 am –A box-breakfast will be provided by hotel in Aswan, and then you will be accompanied by your guide and driver to visit the two Temples of Abu Simbel, with their unique style, are considered to be the masterpieces of ancient Egypt. They reflect the glory and grandeur of the new Kingdom. The Egyptian government and UNESCO decided to co-operate in order to save these temples from the flood. The Temple of Ramsses II was dedicated to the four universal gods Ptah, Re-Her-Akhtey, Amun-Re, and to Ramsses II himself. The great Abu Simbel temple is also called The Sun Temple of Ramssess II.The Temple of Queen Nefertari is also Called Temple of Hathor who was the wife of the Sun God so in a symbolic way, the two Temples, that of Ramsses II and that of Nefertari, bring Ramesses II, Nefertari, Hathor and the Sun God together as one. Lunch at local restaurant in Aswan with free time at leisure before you travel back to your hotel in Luxor Meals: Breakfast, Lunch If your hotel is in the west bank, There will be an extra cost added to the current price

From Aswan: 4-Day 3-Night Nile Cruise with Hot Air Balloon

5. From Aswan: 4-Day 3-Night Nile Cruise with Hot Air Balloon

Day 1 Get picked up in the morning from your hotel in Aswan. Begin your experience with your professional guide and head off to visit the High Dam which is the world's largest embankment dam, was built across the Nile in Aswan Next, head to the Incomplete Obelisk which is the largest known ancient obelisk and is located in the northern region of the stone quarries of ancient Egypt in Aswan Visit the Philae Temple which was built during the reign of Ptolemy II (Egypt’s Greco-Roman Period) by Motor boat. Finally, you will go to the ship for accommodation and lunch in the early afternoon. At night you will enjoy dinner on board. Day 2 Rise early in the morning to visit one of the most stunning temple complexes in Egypt, the Abu Simbel Temples. Upon arrival your tour guide escort you around the site, explaining more about its fascinating history. After finishing, you will return to the ship to have lunch and begin sailing to Kom Ombo. Upon your arrival at Kom Ombo, you will visit the temple on a guided tour. At the end of your day, you will return to the ship for dinner. Day 3 Early in the morning, after having breakfast, your guide will pick you up to head to Edfu Temple by horse carriage. Located on the west bank of the Nile in Edfu, Upper Egypt, the city was known in the Hellenistic period in Koinē Greek. Return to the ship for dinner and your final night onboard. Day 4 Wake before sunrise to get ready for your balloon flight. Check out from the room and leave your luggage at the reception of the ship. Enjoy an unforgettable sunrise balloon ride. After landing, head to the west bank of the Nile to visit the Valley of the Kings, the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut, the Howard Carter House, the Colossi of Memnon, Karnak Temple and finally, Luxor Temple. Return to the ship to pick up your luggage. Be dropped off in Luxor in the afternoon at the train station or your hotel.

Marsa Alam: Luxor & Aswan Private 2-Day Tour in 5-Star Hotel

6. Marsa Alam: Luxor & Aswan Private 2-Day Tour in 5-Star Hotel

Have an excellent opportunity to discover the golden civilization and heritage of ancient Egypt. Enjoy air-conditioned transportation will give you comfortable traveling, and great views experience on your way. We will arrange and organize visits to the top attractions in Luxor and Aswan. Start with the great Karnak temple then trip to the famous Valley of Kings and move around the magical historical city of Luxor, where you will discover and watch great history for each move. Move along the Nile river and take memorable photos at the top attraction spots as well as amazing views of the Nile River and sunset between boats. After that, we will move to the next spot Hatshepsut temple, where you will be amazed by the great architecture of ancient Egypt which has been built more than 3k years ago. After that, you will move to Aswan and visit: The High Dam, Unfinished obelisk, and Philae Temple and enjoy the massive civilization. after your trip to Aswan, a private air-conditioned car will transfer you back to your hotel in Marsa Alam.

4 Day 3 Nights Nile Cruise From Aswan to Luxor

7. 4 Day 3 Nights Nile Cruise From Aswan to Luxor

Meet & assist at Aswan airport, railway station, or hotel Transfer to your Nile Cruise. Check-in at 11:00 am Lunch on board Visit Aswan High Dam and Philae Temple Felucca ride on the Nile Dinner on board Overnight in Aswan Meals: Lunch, Dinner Day 2: Kom Ombo & Edfu Breakfast on board Sailing to Kom Ombo Visit Kom Ombo Temple, shared by two gods Sobek & Haeroris Sailing to Edfu Lunch on board Visit the Temple of Horus at Edfu Sail to Luxor via Esna Free time at leisure on board Afternoon tea on the sun deck Cross Esna lock Dinner on board Galabiya party Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Day 3: Visit Luxor East Bank Breakfast on board. Free time on board Lunch on board Visit Karnak Temple & Luxor Temple Dinner on board Disco & Music in the evening Overnight in Luxor Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Day 4: Disembarkation, Visit Luxor West Bank – Departure transfer Breakfast on board. Disembarkation after breakfast (08:00 am) Visit the Valley of the Kings, Queen Hatshepsut Temple, and Colossi of Memnon Transfer to Luxor hotel, airport, or railway station Meals: Breakfast N.B: Itinerary may change in sequence but not in visits. Emo Tours is not liable for these changes.

From Luxor: 8-Day Nile Cruise with Entry Tickets

8. From Luxor: 8-Day Nile Cruise with Entry Tickets

Day 1:   our representative will pick you up from your accommodation in Luxor, at the time you choose in the morning to start your journey by visiting Luxor's east bank.     start the tour with Luxor temple, One of the inner rooms contains a series of scenes that are known as the Divine Birth. They tell the amazing story of how the king’s true father was none other than the god Amun-Ra himself, learn more amazing facts about the temple with your private Egyptologist.  then moving to the Karnak temple, The sacred barges of the Theban Triad once floated on the lake during the annual Opet festival. The lake was surrounded by storerooms and living quarters for the priests, along with an aviary for aquatic birds, the temple holds many more interesting stories to learn about them all during the visit.    then the driver will drop you off at the cruise to enjoy your lunch and relax on the ship for the rest of the day.          Day 2:  early in the morning, our driver will pick you up for the highlight of the week, the hot air balloon ride. an incredible experience that you must live for yourself.     after the ride, you'll meet your private guide to start the tour by visiting Valley of the Kings, one of Egypt’s most spectacular destinations, It is believed that this area was chosen as a burial ground in order to avoid the tomb-robbing that was occurring at the Pyramids of Giza and the Nile Delta. By carving these tombs deep within the earth, pharaohs believed that their tombs and treasures would be safe from robbers.     moving to the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut was designed by Senenmut, a courtier at Hatshepsut’s court and perhaps also her lover, learn more about it with your private guide.    and last the simple relaxing visit to Colossi of Memnon,  Two magnificent twin statues image of pharaoh Amenhotep III and two smaller statues carved by his feet (one being his wife and the other his mother), stands graciously on the horizon of the magnificent Luxor horizons.     then back to the ship to relax after a long and wonderful day.        Day 3:    whenever the ship arrives at Edfu in the morning our guide will be waiting for you to pick you up from the prevention to visit the temple of Horus, The perfect axial symmetry of the individual parts of the temple is amazing and its Eastern and Western parts are mirror images.   then you'll be back on the ship to enjoy your lunch  and the ship will start sailing heading to kom ombo where your guide will be waiting for you to visit kom ombo temple, The temple has a unique design. Because it is dedicated to two gods, it has two parallel axial passages running through its columned halls, terminating in two sanctuaries, one for each. The southern axis (on the right) is Sobek’s, and the northern (on the left) is Harwer’s.   then back to the ship to continue the journey.        Day 4:      after enjoying breakfast our guide will pick you up to visit Aswan's Highlights, starting by visiting Aswan High Dam, The dam was completed in 1971 and the huge reservoir behind it, named for President Nasser, finished filling in 1979.   then the unfinished obelisk, It was constructed by Hatshepsut, the queen of Thutmose II, who also ruled Egypt as a Pharaoh from 1478 to 1458 B.C., jointly with Thutmose III, who was then only a child.   and last the unique temple of Philae, Dedicated to the goddess Isis, the Temple of Philae is located in a beautiful setting, The island was leveled to resemble the original Philae, and the temples were rebuilt, restoring to them some measure of their original beauty prior to their formal reopening in 1980.   then you'll be back on the ship to enjoy your lunch and relax for the rest of the day.      Day 5:      our driver will pick you up early in the morning to drive you to the great temples of abu simbel,  consists of four seated colossal statues of Ramses II carved into the mountain, forming one of the boldest temple facades in the world. It is aligned so the sun's rays travel through the mountain and illuminate Ramses' sanctuary twice a year -- on October 22 and February 22.   after the visit, you'll be back on the ship at around 2:30m to enjoy lunch and relax after a long day.      Day 6:    in the morning after enjoying your breakfast on the ship, our representative will take you to the Nubian village to enjoy visiting the colorful houses and lovely people and riding a camel.    you will be amazed by the natural parks and the cataract of the Nile. Nubian language is not written but just spoken. There you will explore one house. If you want to paint Henna Tattoo is available there. then back to the ship for lunch and enjoy the views while sailing along the Nile.    Day 7:  it will be a chill day, have a lovely and relaxing time on the ship.  Day 8:    our guide will pick you up after breakfast (kindly check out after breakfast and leave with your luggage) to take you to visit the temple of Dendera, The temple complex at Dendera is quite large, boasting a basilica, two birth houses, a sacred lake, and numerous other temples and shrines within its walls. Structures at the site hail from an assortment of different ancient Egyptian eras, with monuments from the Middle Kingdom, the Ptolemaic Era, and the period of Roman provincial rule. after the visit, the driver will take you back to Luxor to enjoy the felucca ride and lunch in an Egyptian local restaurant.     when you're done our driver will drop you off at your accommodation in Luxor safe and sound. 

Emperor 4 Days Nile Cruise From Luxor To Aswan

9. Emperor 4 Days Nile Cruise From Luxor To Aswan

Please note that the below-mentioned visits in the itinerary are not included in the room rate and would be charged separately at USD 250 Per Person per Stay The Itinerary of Iberotel Crown Emperor is based on every Thursday departure from Luxor for 04 Nights - Every Thursday departure from Luxor to Aswan for 04Nights (please refer Day01 to Day04 of the below itinerary) Itinerary Day 1: Check In at Luxor followed by Lunch Visit to Karnak & Luxor Temples Dinner & overnight on board in Luxor Day 2: After Breakfast, a visit to Valley of the Kings, Colossi of Memnon & Queen of Hatchepsut Temple in West Bank Return for Lunch on board & start sailing to Edfu via Esna Manager's Cocktail party in the Bar Dinner and overnight on board in Edfu Day 3: After Breakfast, visit to Edfu Temple. Sail to Kom Ombo followed by Lunch Tea Time on Sundeck Sail to Aswan Dinner followed by Galabya Party(in the bar) Overnight on board in Aswan Day 4: Breakfast followed by visits of High Dam, Unfinished Obelisk & Philae Temple in Aswan Lunch Visit to Botanical Garden by Felucca Dinner followed by Nubian Show in the Bar Overnight stay on board in Aswan Day 5: Check Out

From Cairo: Pyramids, Luxor & Aswan 8-Day Tour by Train/Boat

10. From Cairo: Pyramids, Luxor & Aswan 8-Day Tour by Train/Boat

Day 1: Arrive Cairo ‘Welcome to Egypt’ Your tour manager will meet and assist you upon your arrival at Cairo International Airport then he will escort you to your hotel in Cairo. Welcome Drink Day 2: Cairo Sightseeing Enjoy your breakfast at the hotel, then your personal tour guide will accompany you to Giza Plateau to visit the Pyramids, famous Sphinx , and Valley temple facing the great statue. Lunch at local restaurant, then move to visit the Egyptian Museum, Treasures room for the child king Tutankhamen. Continue your tour to Coptic Cairo to see Ben Ezra Synagogue and the Hanging Church. Move to Khan El Khalili, Cairo’s old bazaar. then take a sleeper train to Aswan. Dinner and breakfast will be served on board. Day 3: Aswan Nile Cruise Tours Upon your arrival at Aswan train station, you will be met our representative who will transfer you to embark your Nile River boat. Enjoy Lunch on board, then you will be guided to visit the famous High Dam, The awesome Philae temple, which is devoted to the two goddesses Isis and Hathor , and the largest known ancient obelisk, the Unfinished Obelisk. Back to the cruise with Dinner on board and overnight in Aswan. Day 4: Kom Ombo and Edfu At morning you will enjoy Sailing to Kom Ombo while getting breakfast on board. Arrive Kom Ombo to visit the Temple. Back to your Nile boat to sail to Edfu with lunch on board, after that move to visit Horus Temple in Edfu. Enjoy an afternoon tea during sailing to Esna. Dinner and overnight on board. Day 5: Luxor Nile Cruise Tours Breakfast on board, then set out from your cruise to visit the West Bank of Luxor, take an excursion to the Valley of the Kings, Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, and Colossi of Memnon. Back to the Nile Cruise and have Lunch on board. Enjoy an afternoon tea aboard the Nile boat. Dinner on board. Day 6: Luxor Nile Cruise Breakfast aboard the cruise before disembarkation, and then you will be accompanied by your tour guide to see the Karnak and Luxor temples at the East bank of Luxor. Later you will be transferred to Luxor train station to get the sleeper train back to Cairo. Dinner would be served on board the sleeper train. Overnight in your private compartment Day 7: Cairo Optional Excursions Breakfast aboard sleeper train before arriving Giza train station, Optional tour to Step Pyramid of King Zoser in Sakkara and Memphis. Overnight stay at your hotel in Cairo. Meals: B Day 8: Cairo – Fly Back Home Breakfast at the hotel in Cairo, Check out and then you will be transferred to Cairo Airport for final departure. Meals: B Note : If the mentioned cruise or the hotel are not available, the company has the right to change to any cruise or hotel, as long as it is of same category.

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Our driver for both days Youssef was excellent. Our guide on the first day Emad was great. He was a little talkative but you couldn’t help but be caught up in his enthusiasm and obvious passion for his work. He was very knowledgeable. The only real criticism for this tour was the lack of planning on the tour company’s side. On the second day our tour finished at 2:30 but the flight wasn’t booked until 10pm. Got dropped at the airport but we’re told we couldn’t enter until 8pm. Managed to change our flight to 7:45pm for an extra EGP600 and informed Gamal the tour operator of this. He assured us the driver would be waiting for us in Cairo at 9pm when we landed instead of 11 as originally planned. Our flight was late and we got in at 9:30. No driver. Contacted Gamal and got drivers number. Driver had NO IDEA of the time change. Gamal had NOT told him despite 2hrs notice. Gamal tried to blame the driver. It took over an hour for a new driver to come. Got to the hotel at near 12am. Bed end

This trip had serval bumps in the road so you definitely had to go with the flow but the headquarters fixed everything in a timely manner. Every guide we had was nice and knowledgeable. Ahmed Omar is the best out of all of them and he was in Luxor. Great way to see both cities if you are not doing a nile river cruise. They also arrange for us to go to the airport when we left Egypt and I will be forever greatful to them!!

I don't know if I was lucky but it was a very exclusive tour. Just myself, the guide and the driver. The second day is full of visits, while the first is more driving time since Abu Simbel is far away, but can use the time for rest in the air conditiomed car. The guides were very nice and knowledgeable. Highly recommended.

A good alternative to do the tour in 2 days. Everything was very well coordinated , plane , hotel and transfer . The guide was an Egyptologist and spoke perfect Spanish.

It was great and very well organised! Everyone was extremely supportive! We’ve seen a lot of stunning place! Ramzy, our tour guide, was awesome!