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Pigeon Forge: Crave Mini-Golf and Escape Room Ticket

1. Pigeon Forge: Crave Mini-Golf and Escape Room Ticket

Explore this adventure and enjoy all the family fun during your time at Pigeon Forge's Crave Golf Club. Choose between mini-golf and escape rooms. Enjoy sweet treats and snacks from the milkshake bar or sweet shop. Discover the six different candy-themed locations: Bubblegum Garden, Jelly Bean Jungle, Rock Candy Mountain, Sugar Safari, Ice Cream Canyon, and Cocoa Cliffs. Two courses feature special bonus holes, which brings the total number of holes to 38.  The Escape Rooms are perfect for families and groups looking for an exciting, action-packed experience. In the Zombie Research lab, you and your team are tasked to find the cure before the herd of zombies break-in.  If you are looking for a marine adventure, you can choose another puzzle where you and your crew have to solve the clues to seal all of the doors before the submarine is overtaken by the frigid cold waters.

Pigeon Forge: 1-Hour Escape Room Adventure

2. Pigeon Forge: 1-Hour Escape Room Adventure

Find yourself within a series of elaborately-designed rooms. Work together with your group to find clues and solve puzzles to complete your given mission. Escaping will require teamwork, communication, wits, and a sense of adventure. With 5 thrilling adventures to choose from, you may find yourself as a spy sent to recover a stolen painting or a falsely-accused prisoner determined to break out of jail. Once you arrive, a dedicated game guide will take you to your adventure and help you as needed. Complete the mission within 60 minutes in order to escape. No matter your choice of game, keep your wits about you and focus: you’ve only got 1 hour to escape. After you and your group have emerged victorious, you’ll be conveniently located in The Island, so you can easily celebrate with a bite to eat.

Pigeon Forge: Private Themed Escape Room Ticket

3. Pigeon Forge: Private Themed Escape Room Ticket

Take part in an exciting escape room in Pigeon Forge as you work against the clock to solve the mystery and escape. Choose from 7 themed rooms, work together with friends to find clues, solve puzzles, and pick locks that will free you from the game room. Head into Escapology and watch a video briefing before entering your private room. After the door locks, work together to solve puzzles, search for clues, and figure out how to escape within the time period (usually about an hour). Once you escape, get a group picture to celebrate. Choose from 7 themes. Who Stole Mona?The guards make their rounds once every hour, so you must hurry. One of the world’s greatest pieces of art lies in wait. Use your teamwork to uncover its location and make it out. If Stepanov’s guards discover you, it will be the end for your group. Work fast, and remember, time is of the essence. 7 Deadly SinsCan you complete your mission and escape the church before the clock strikes midnight? Or will you fulfill the curse and your name be the next on a headstone in your family’s graveyard plot? Find the hidden crypt, find the dagger, and drive it through the heart of the evil minister. Lost CityYou have 60 minutes to prove your worth. You must work logically, interact with everything you find, and solve puzzles to uncover the treasure. If you fail, the door will be sealed again, and you will perish. Can you locate the journal, find the treasure and escape the temple before it’s too late? Mansion MurderAfter the murder of your grandfather, everyone believes you killed him. Your grandfather has left clues around the mansion that reveal hidden family secrets and prove your innocence. Can you gather enough evidence to piece the story together to prove your innocence before the police arrive? Murder on Oriental ExpressYour objective is simple: find the potential killer and repair the brake lines to stop the train. Failure means certain death for all, while success means solving the most famous crime in history and saving everyone aboard. Scooby-Doo and the Spooky Castle AdventureAfter discovering a secret dungeon and monster lab in a castle, you realize this is where evil is created. The person responsible for the monster almost certainly works in the castle. Sift through the clues to find the evil culprit. Star TrekThe USS Discovery has collided with a quantum filament, causing multiple hull breaches and a polarity shift in the antimatter containment system. If field strength falls below 15%, it will destroy the ship. Can you escape your turbolift and access the Auxiliary Control section to save your crew?

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