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Olá (Hello) my name is Diana. I'm a dreamy native Portuguese that enjoys to walk and imagine how things where in the past and how they may be in the future. I'm a tour guide and I truly believe that my best quality is the way I do my job. I have an immense love for my city Sintra, and sharing all of my broad knowledge of Portuguese history and culture through my passion. A guide should be informative but also be able to paint a picture in your imagination that you feel like you're traveling through the memories of the past and the present. I just love my country and my city, so I don't know any other way to express it other than through giving vibrant, immersive and heart touching tours. There's not a price you can put on taking the time to get to know Portugal and being able to take in unforgettable memories. At the end of the day the experience is always beyond enriching as we absorb gorgeous views, get to know locals and take in all the history that Portugal has to offer. So join me and my crew on this adventure where you will find the best our beautiful country has to offer from breath talking castles to parks and museums. I'm sure (it's really important to me) you'll take home wonderful memories of my Portuguese culture after spending some time with me. Who knows, maybe you will feel enough to truly feel "saudade"; the typical Portuguese feeling of missing someone or something that made us unforgettably happy. All of my tours are private. You can experience "tour by car", in Sintra but also to other places not far away from Lisbon. Almost everything is possible and I'm open to customize the tour in the way that better suits your interest. Let us introduce PORTUGAL to you!

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